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  • restock log     ~09 Mar 2019
  • swaps/buying list     ~15 Dec 2018
  • notepad     ~24 Mar 2018
  • rc aesthetics     ~22 Dec 2017
  • { 💻 } rc manual     ~03 Jun 2016
  • {👨🏾} #usher10     ~17 Jun 2016
  • { 📷 } artwork     ~11 Sep 2016
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  • restock log

    Posted on : 9th Mar 2019 21:48   Posted by : ris
    { March 2019 }
    Thank you for buying Bagel Stamp for 9,000MP
    Thank you for buying Handmade Layered Jam for 4,444MP
    Thank you for buying Calico Costume for 13,515MP
    Thank you for buying Shyda for 13,581MP
    Thank you for buying Blue Laptop for 912MP
    Thank you for buying Purple Mouse Pad for 416MP
    Thank you for buying Side Curl Wig for 5,047MP
    Thank you for buying Jar of Feathers for 682MP
    Thank you for buying Maroon Gonk Potion for 9,173MP
    Thank you for buying Maroon Flab Potion for 6,625MP
    Thank you for buying Silver Costume for 11,799MP
    Thank you for buying Purple Mouse Pad for 416MP
    Thank you for buying Silver Pearl for 1,880MP
    Thank you for buying Dark Ercuws for 2,458MP
    Thank you for buying Bronze Costume for 17,023MP
    Thank you for buying Random Concoction for 25,014MP
    Thank you for buying Ukulele for 5,009MP
    Thank you for buying Ukulele for 5,009MP
    Thank you for buying Single Bun Wig for 3,364MP
    Thank you for buying Jar of Hearts for 835MP
    Thank you for buying Jar of Feathers for 682MP
    Thank you for buying Colour Concoction for 29,392MP

    swaps/buying list

    Posted on : 15th Dec 2018 12:41   Posted by : ris

    always bulk buying
    - batteries: 15k each
    - worms: 25k each

    - fake dukkas @ 1 : 250MP
    - real dukkas @ 1 : 9000MP
    - AU @ 1 : 1,000,000MP
    - BP @ 1 : 2MP
    - RP @ 1 : 8MP

    - missing pet collectibles (PK)
    - missing account collectibles
    - wishlist items


    Posted on : 24th Mar 2018 19:20   Posted by : ris

    Dragon Arinya
    Party Chibs
    Minipet Kronk
    Minipet Rusty
    Halloween Straya

    Charisma: 175
    Music: 120
    History: 175
    Language: 175
    Sports: 150
    Geography: 175
    Math: 175
    Science: 125
    Business Studies: 46
    Environmental Studies: 32
    Computer Science: 30
    Sociology: 28
    Politics: 37
    Humanities: 30

    Double Photos: Model
    Double Plates: Chef
    Double Magazines: Actress
    Double Newspapers: Journalist
    Free Hotel: Businessman
    Free Hospital: Veterinarian
    Free Dental: Mechanic
    Free Raffle Tickets: Hacker
    No Circus Tickets: Clown
    Half Price Prison: Spy

    rc aesthetics

    Posted on : 22nd Dec 2017 19:25   Posted by : ris
    if you're in a bind and need new topic ideas consider the following:

    - ian fix __
    - the __ revamp is disgusting
    - staff are offline have a riot
    - ask me __
    - post and i'll tell you __
    - selfie board
    - pet picture board
    - not-so-humble brag #17 of the day
    - something that actually belongs in discussion
    - angst
    - any event item from an NPC given to you
    - complain about not being able to necroboost
    - an actually wholesome post
    - marapets conspiracy theories
    - how do i become an rcer why do ppl ignore me
    - a shoutout to your friend
    - ironic marapets event
    - memes
    - a repeat of the same topic you make all the time but with a slightly different title so marapets will let you repost it

    you will 100% guaranteed be the second coolest kid on rc take it from me the coolest kid on rc

    { 💻 } rc manual

    Posted on : 3rd Jun 2016 15:05   Posted by : ris
    If you have any additions you'd like to add to the blog, MT them to me!

    So you want to be an RCer?
    Okay, cool. Just start posting on topics, or make your own topic. It's literally that simple! No, you don't need to know anyone in RC, be a "veteran" player, or worry about invading "cliques". Literally we don't care about any of that stuff. It's always great to know a few faces in an unfamiliar situation, but we all have to start out somewhere. Don't stress if you think you're not getting a lot of responses. RC has a lot of hits and misses, even for the most active posters. It's all about timing.

    The only thing I will say is this: don't spam emojis during "post here" challenges for site events. We have a sixth sense about this; we'll find you and shame you for making us click on alert that just has a So face.

    If you're concerned with feeling lost or out of place because you don't know some of the lingo being thrown around, the rest of this blog will explain the most common stuff.

    Abbreviations / Key Phrases / Inside jokes
    Ataf: an abbreviation of "staff", normally used followed with the abbreviation "pls". Expect to see this used when shade is thrown, or when referring to Ryan in general. Stemmed from Ryan actually misspelling the word staff.

    : normally used right after someone says something that could be construed as rude to indicate it's not to be taken seriously. Or, if you're like me, just because it feels so right to post it after every sentence

    CB/FB/UA: abbreviations for chat ban, forum ban, and underaged, respectively.

    Risquota / "quota met": posting a question/board about something and realizing you completely misread it and will now be doomed to an eternity of notifications and a lifetime of humiliation.

    Ed's beard: one of the seven world's wonders, has a secret cult following. Will annoy Ed if you ask him to cut it off.

    EPGB: an abbreviation for the Extra Pet Giftbox.
    What makes it funny: I thought I was in the Giftbox shop and tried to find one to buy, but I was actually in the Missing Giftbox page and didn't realize it until I had made a board that had gotten 100+ replies.

    New EPGB board: my attempt at trying to get people shamed like I was on my EPGB board. Not successful thus far.

    Tina eats dogs

    The Ians: An annual award ceremony first done in 2015 by Nik (user: Nikname), which was pretty much a shade-fest with the "most opinionated" and "most likely to be banned" categories. Sin wants everyone to know that she lost an Ian because of Ryan.

    Any misspelling of my name (Clarissa): started by Ryan and Calculus, perpetuated by Lizzy and Alex. I honestly don't know why this is a thing, but they make sure to either misspell my name or my username any time they can.

    Old RC: RCers that posted before 2011. Most of them got banned for something or ended up quitting the site. Usually associated with extreme shade/salt and are the reason RC has too many rules now.

    #usher movement:

    The Dopplegangers (aka @Ris=Nis=Rin=Sin=Rev): a cluster of usernames of various RCers that people mistake for each other because the usernames are all so similar. We just go with it honestly, and will call our doppelgangers other usernames from this list. [e: 2019] The list has obviously been extended to include other users with 3-letter usernames that follow the trend, or users that have similar names to each other in a separate category (i.e. @Candles/@Calculus; @FoolsGold/@RoseGold)

    S.S. Ram - the offical ship name of @Twi and @Ris, usually vagueposted and sometimes accompanied by an image of a stick of RAM that's used for computers

    The Children (by @Waylon): saving the children started after I made a topic calling out the change of all [adult drink] related items to non [adult drink] related names. during that messy topic [] someone brought up COPPA which is about children's privacy as a reason the names were changed. COPPA has nothing to do with it lmao

    Taco Bell Hot Sauce (by @GrumpyLesbian): taco bell hot sauce packets being currency during the apocalypse which was a conversation between @wax and i about how the cashier gave her like 25 packets and i told her to hoard them for when the apocalypse comes

    *robert johnson's (@RJ) many mothers the user RJ is the noncanonical, canonical son of ris (because rj stands for ris jr), but @Sweater believes it instead stands for robert johnson. as the son of ris rj has many rc mothers because i'm married to everyone in rc
    *Paid for by the campaign to elect Robert Johnson

    Memorable Quotes
    "name it marapets so ian will have a sense of responsibility towards it" - ris

    "Ris isn't throwing shade Ris is casting eclipses " - abbiek1

    "You're posts make me look smart" - Dionysus

    "gays attract other gays" - Twi, but stolen by ed

    "Ris ruins what is good in the world : ((((" - jessica

    "for 1 million dollars you can blow up" - alex

    "ris youre a human garbage can
    but not even a good one youre like a garbage can thats all beat up and doesnt stand right and rolls out in the middle of the street as soon as the trash is dumped into the truck and hits a toddler or something"
    - anon

    "neurodegenerate my ass bby" - Kae

    "Put my conceited ass all over the place" - ed

    "im the most important thing on mara smh" - sephy

    "you have stolen something from the wild and just called it a turtle" - nis

    "Put you and Ris together and you'll need a seeing eye dog. Too bad I ate them all already." - tina

    "marapets dot com / I need to win this auction / God damn it Ian" - a haiku by dakota's boyfriend

    "he can't find me if he can't spell my name" - ris

    "k but would u pay 4 cents for it" - redditor

    "zhzhzzhzhzhzzhzhzhzzhzhzh about 2 secs agao i realized these were z's and not a's but this is hilarious. " - Sofa


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