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  • Today was the funeral     ~26 Jan 2018
  • Pet goals     ~23 Nov 2017
  • Onichats Information and Adopt...     ~19 Jun 2016
  • Marapet recolors     ~21 May 2014

  • Today was the funeral

    Posted on : 26th Jan 2018 14:08   Posted by : Specter
    Really long post ahead, first I'm going to reassure you all that I'm alright now.
    I was miserable on Tuesday but have been getting better since. Rather then letting yourself catch the remainder of my bad mood, don't worry it's okay and things will get better. You probably never met me or the person I'm talking about. Feel free to joke and laugh, it won't hurt me at all.
    (I really do mean that, it's how my dad deals with upsetting situations, it's how the lady who died dealt with them too. So if you wanna joke and be happy here, go right ahead)

    There was a fire at the animal shelter I work at, half the animals died and the owner, a 75 year old lady, died trying to save them. She kept going back into the building to bring out another puppy, and it cost her her life.
    The lady was an important figure in our community and I knew her and had a lot of respect for her. Whenever I needed help she was there, and from what I gather she was like that to everyone. There are a lot of people who will miss her.
    Half the animals there died, none of the cats they had for adoption made it out. Several dogs were taken to the vet for their burns and smoke inhalation. I knew many of these animals by name. I was happy to find out though that adoptions had gone alright the past week and a few animals I thought had died had already been brought home before the fire started.

    On tuesday I heard the news, it was on the radio, all over my facebook feed, it was everywhere and I kept looking at it trying to figure things out.

    On wednesday I went to the shelter to help out. All the surviving animals had already been moved to different locations and they were now taking apart the outdoor kennels and cleaning everything.
    It was weird, seeing the place like that. The kennels empty, the main building completely destroyed and the owner gone. I stayed for three and a half hours working and then I went home. The funeral arrangements were announced and it was open to the public.

    On Thursday I was alright again. Though I couldn't make a decision of whether or not to go to the funeral, I felt like I was moving on.

    Today was the funeral, and I didn't go. I feel like I might regret it sometime in the future, but I made my choice. I will go to the candle light vigil they're holding at the shelter though. It's a few hours from now so I'll have to get ready soon.

    So I'm making this blog to talk about it for a moment. Blogs are easy to delete so if this bothers anyone I can easily remove it myself.

    Pet goals

    Posted on : 23rd Nov 2017 01:49   Posted by : Specter
    Just so I don\'t lose track and forget my plans again

    (Also if you want to borrow a pet from me for goals feel free to drop me a mail)

    Working on-

    Make figaro using olympic points shop
    Turn Delitseon into black chibs
    Turn Kiogon into something cool (???)
    Stat Liviaa and Kiogon
    Add transformations + play to Melontine
    Level up pet careers

    Change Fallinleaves name (now Lysander)
    Lysander - teal costume
    Lilotte- Turn into Rusty
    Make Lati
    Make vlad
    Pair fancy + doll
    Use Dragon costume
    Make Quell
    Make oglue
    Use chibi costume
    Make Troit
    Use glass costume on Break

    Probably never going to trade-

    Who knows-

    Probably going to trade or get rid of eventually (not right now though)-

    Onichats Information and Adoption

    Posted on : 19th Jun 2016 00:43   Posted by : Specter

    Photobucket has removed all of my images. As it looks like Onichats will be discontinued permanently, I won't be re uploading any to my new image hosting site.
    However thanks to a split decision I made when selling onichats, all onichats sold were posting onto tinypic instead and therefor have been saved. But if for whatever reason, your link stops working don't hesitate to tell me and I will get a new one set up for you. I do still have all onichats saved on my tablet and laptop.


    Tomorrow (June 29th), I leave for a month long trip, I won't be as active on this site at that time. I won't have access to all the same tools. So for this reason, I must temporarily close up shop. You may still place orders, ask for influences and for your Onichat to grow, but please be warned that I may not be able to get to your requests in a timely manner. When I return however, I shall introduce a few new features to this adoptable which I'm sure you all will enjoy.
    Thank you.


    Onichats are a quiet, peaceful species. They tend to live solitary lives, isolated from the rest of the world. They generally aren't very adventurous, and traditionally don't like trying new things. But strangely enough, they aren't built for that sort of life. Horrible as it is, but this laid back lifestyle has drastically shortened their lifespans, leaving many young Onichats orphaned. This is where you come in, you may adopt a young Onichat and raise it into an adult. The world of mara is filled with rich opportunities to expand your Onichats world.

    (From left to right; Adult Male, Child, Baby, Adult Female)
    (Refresh to change image; 12 total; 11 Basic 1 Limited)
    The above is a standard Onichat, usually only two colors and maybe a little plain at times, but still healthy and happy.
    But young Onichats are perhaps one of the most adaptable species. You can introduce your Onichat to different influences which may alter their physical appearance. They are most suspectable to these in their child stage, but slight changes may occur in their baby or adult stage as well.

    We have many baby Onichat's available for adoption at the moment, below are a list of colors we have for those of you with specific preferences. Keep watching for more colors as there are always new ones being added. (Please note that more than one person will be allowed to use the same graphic.)
    Each costs 15K to adopt
    Light Blue

    Here is a short forum for the application process;
    (Leave any field blank if you wish for a randomly selected Onichat instead)
    Name; (If you wish to name your young Onichat)
    Desired color;

    You don't have to use the above forum, but it could prove useful for selecting an Onichat who's right for you.

    Limited edition colors are quite rare, and they are sold in live auctions.
    Be on the lookout for them, you never know when one might show up. You may still use the influences on a limited edition Onichat should you wish to.
    Known LE Onichat colors-
    Starry- Sold (Color now Retired)

    In the wild, Onichats wold grow up on their own. However the world of marada has an interesting effect on the young species, where instead of growing naturally, they need a little push.
    When you are ready for your little Onichat to move to the next stage, drop me a mail. You may try once every day for free with a fifty percent chance of success, or you may pay a small fee of 3k mp to force it to happen.

    -Who's growing up?-
    This section will help those of you waiting for your little ones to grow to keep track. Once you've requested your Onichat grow, their name and status will be posted here up until the point of a successful growth spurt.
    Here we have the little Onichats whose owners are patiently and eagerly awaiting the growth of one or more of their little ones.

    No changes occurring at this moment.

    -Who has grown up?-
    An expansion of our previous section, here are the Onichats who have grown into childhood and maybe even further into adulthood.

    Charter (Owner, Killer)- From baby to child and child to Adult
    Grown to childhood on June 19th
    Grown to adulthood on June 22nd

    Raze (Owner, Killer)- Baby stage growing to child,
    Grown to childhood on June 27th

    Luna (Owner, Undying)- Baby stage to child.
    Grown to childhood on June 28th

    I have in my possession, potions which will help influence how your Onichat will develop. I am willing to loan these things to you for a price.
    They don't affect all Onichat in the same way, but the outcomes are usually favorable in my opinion. If you don't like what you receive, you may receive a full refund and try again tomorrow. Or you may ask for a specific trait for a higher price. I'd need to make a more concentrated potion to get you exactly what you want after all.
    For your Onichat's health, we only allow you to try these once every day. We don't want to overexpose the little guys to anything potentially harmful afterall.
    These potions are listed below, along with their effects on a young Onichat. (The potion images are free to use, each has the image url listed underneath)

    Draconic- 1/4 (15k Random, 30k specific)

    Claws and fangs
    Cat-like pupils

    Angelic- 1/5 (15k Random, 30k Specific)

    Feathered wings
    Music notes
    Bow and arrow

    Limited time! (Ends June 29th)
    Scout- 1/4 (20k Random, 35k Specific)

    Team hat (Your team by default, though you may request the other for free)
    Badge sash

    Nature- 1/5 (15k Random, 30k Specific)

    Camouflage pattern

    Pattern- 1/6 (15k Random, 30k Specific)

    Cow spots
    Tiger stripes
    Horizontal Stripes
    Vertical Stripes

    Decay- 1/5 (15k Random, 30k Specific)

    Facial scars
    Torsso scars
    Fur loss
    Torn ear
    Open wound

    Feral- 1/4 (15k Random, 30k Specific)

    Scruffy ears
    Blood Stained
    Jagged teeth
    Tipped ears and tail

    Post a comment on the blog, maramail me, or even maratalk if I'm online. You may use any means of contact you like, easy enough, right?
    And then you've got to pay for all of this somehow, right?
    I'll have set up junk items in my shop, I'll try to keep my currency exchanges open, and some junk trades set up. Basically you can pay anyway you like.

    -Coming soon-
    More influence packs,
    More base colors,

    Meet all of the Onichats of Marada here;

    Marapet recolors

    Posted on : 21st May 2014 20:28   Posted by : Specter
    I decided to recolor some marapets into different costumes. If you want to see one in a specific costume, feel free to ask.

    Cursed Zola-

    Cursed Kaala-

    Voodoo Oglue-

    Coming soon-
    Cursed Kidlet
    Cursed Rusty
    Detective Nino
    Detective Murfin
    Detective Kaala
    Fire-fairy Zola
    Fire-fairy Lorius
    Fire-fairy Kaala
    Glass Zola
    Glass Kidlet
    Glass Ike
    Gothic Renat
    Gothic Ike
    Gothic Crikey
    Gnome Speiro
    Gnome Oglue
    Gnome Doyle
    Sparkle Tantua
    Sparkle Sindi
    Sparkle Zola
    Skinny Lati
    Skinny Zola
    Skinny Paffuto
    Super-hero Snookle
    Super-hero Addow
    Super-hero Crikey
    Toddler Oglue
    Toddler Gonk
    Toddler Kujo
    Voodoo Grint
    Voodoo Gizmo
    Villain Reese
    Villain Zola
    Villain Ike
    Villain Jessup
    Neon Mordo
    Baby Basil

    Not all of these will just be recolors, some will have my own design and twist on the costume. I hope you'll enjoy it regardless.

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