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  • LEPRECHAUN RUN     ~14 Feb 2018
  • Enchanted Plushie Machine     ~09 May 2017
  • Drawings Portfolio     ~01 Dec 2015
  • Missing Gourmet Foods Still in...     ~28 Nov 2015
  • Vending Machine     ~15 Oct 2015
  • Slot Machine Challenges     ~24 Feb 2014


    Posted on : 14th Feb 2018 11:13   Posted by : ZedifyZ
    Round 1

    200k MP - 68,970RP
    200k MP - 48,626RP
    200k MP - 28,005RP
    200k MP - 50,649RP
    200k MP - 41.222RP
    200k MP - 54,437RP
    200k MP - 58,801RP
    200k MP - 36,012RP
    200k MP - 49,486RP
    200k MP - 52,174RP
    200k MP - 58.760RP
    200k MP - 34.564RP
    200k MP - 67,229RP
    200k MP - 57,575RP
    200k MP - 43,080RP
    200k MP - 46,367RP
    300k MP - 57,854RP

    TOTAL MP SPENT: 3.5m || TOTAL RP GAINED: 853,811

    Round 2

    500k MP - 127,431RP
    500k MP - 95,318RP
    500k MP - 147,899RP

    TOTAL MP SPENT: 1.5m || TOTAL RP GAINED: 370,648

    Round 3

    500k MP - 89,572RP
    500k MP - 120,328RP
    500k MP - 149,994RP
    500k MP - 166,766RP
    500k MP - 131,287RP

    TOTAL MP SPENT: 2.5m || TOTAL RP GAINED: 657,947

    Round 4

    500k MP - 122,109RP

    Enchanted Plushie Machine

    Posted on : 9th May 2017 22:25   Posted by : ZedifyZ
    You have completed the Enchanted Plushie Instructions

    You now have lifetime access to the Enchanted Plushie Machine for FREE

    Wheeee i finally completed the set on 9th May 2017!

    So i thought it would be kind of interesting to see what i get from it.

    You picked up Enchanted Love Fasoro Plushie
    23 July 17

    Drawings Portfolio

    Posted on : 1st Dec 2015 09:07   Posted by : ZedifyZ

    Hi There!

    I'm Zedify or Zed for short

    Im learning and doing my drawings ( commission )

    My art is listed from Most recent to Oldest , so hopefully I can see how i progress Tongue Out

    2 Dec 15 ( for Daniel91896 )

    1 Dec 15 ( for Daniel91896 )

    28Nov 15

    Missing Gourmet Foods Still in SS

    Posted on : 28th Nov 2015 00:58   Posted by : ZedifyZ


    Alien Goo
    Alien Grapes
    Almond Gumball
    American Bean
    American Flag Gummy
    Ancient Bread
    Angel Bean
    Angel Cake
    Angel Easter Egg
    Angelic Pear
    Angry Turkey Cupcake
    Anime Bean
    Anime Sugar Cube
    Apple Crumble
    Apple Gumball
    Australian Bean
    Azul Easter Egg


    Bag of Mystery Jelly Beans
    Balloon Bean
    Banana Gumball
    Banana Rock Candy
    Banana Taffy
    Baspinar Castle Easter Egg
    Battle Arena Easter Egg
    Bee Bean
    Bee Potato
    Bee Sugar Cube
    Beige Meal Worm
    Biala Easter Egg
    Bite Sized Pepperoni Pizza
    Bite Sized Sausage Pizza
    Black Bean
    Black Bleeding Heart
    Black Easter Egg
    Black Gumball
    Black Star Calla Lily
    Black and White Easter Egg
    Blood Sausages
    Blue Bean
    Blue DNA
    Blue Easter Egg
    Blue Heart Macaroon
    Blueberry Bug Lolly
    Blueberry Gummy Bottle
    Blueberry Icicle
    Blueberry Pixie Straw
    Brain Juice
    Breeze Gumball
    British Bean
    Broken Easter Egg
    Bronze Bean
    Bronze Easter Egg
    Brown Bean
    Bubble Gum Taffy
    Bubblegum Ice Cream Cone
    Bubbly Dish Water Smoothie
    Bubbly Strawberry Banana Smoothie
    Burnt Bean


    Camouflage Easter Egg
    Camouflage Gumball
    Can of Fairies
    Candytree Easter Egg
    Caramel Dung
    Cartoon Pizza
    Cartoon Potato
    Checkered Bean
    Checkered Easter Egg
    Cheese Easter Egg
    Cheese Gumball
    Cheese Pearl
    Cherry Duo Popsicle
    Cherry Gummy Bottle
    Cherry Jelly Pie
    Cherry Pixie Straw
    Cherry Shell Candy
    Chibs Dip
    Chibs Easter Egg
    Chicken Broth
    Chinese Cupcake
    Chinese Easter Egg
    Chocolate Bean
    Chocolate Brownies
    Chocolate Chip Gumball
    Chocolate Cornet
    Chocolate Drops
    Chocolate Duo Popsicle
    Chocolate Easter Egg
    Chocolate Easter Sindi
    Chocolate Scorpion
    Christmas 2010 Dinner
    Christmas 2011 Dinner
    Christmas Anis
    Christmas Candycane
    Christmas Dinner
    Christmas Potato
    Christmas Pudding
    Circle Easter Egg
    Clam Easter Egg
    Clover Pearl
    Coconut Lemon Water
    Coconut Taffy
    Coin Purse Eggs
    Cola Gumball
    Cooked Turkey Cupcake
    Cool Candy Heart
    Corn Dung
    Corrupted Carrot
    Corrupted Giant Carrot
    Corrupted Green Apple
    Corrupted Onion
    Cotton Candy Bean
    Cotton Candy Gumball
    Cotton Candy Sugar Cube
    Cowboy Easter Egg
    Cranberry Sauce
    Creamy Leek Soup
    Crindol Easter Egg
    Cupid Bean
    Cupid Pearl
    Cursed Bean
    Cursed Gumball
    Cyan Easter Egg


    Daisy Cake
    Daisy Steak
    Dakota Cake
    Dakota Foot
    Dark Fairy Cupcake
    Darling Candy Heart
    Daylight Bean
    Daylight Potato
    Dead Pumpkin Candy
    Dead Turkey Cupcake
    Delectable Goldfish
    Devil Easter Egg
    Digital Bean
    Digital Easter Egg
    Digital Sugar Cube
    Dinosaur Meat
    Doyle Easter Egg
    Dukka Coin Crunch


    Ear Cookie
    Earth Fairy Easter Egg
    Easter Egg
    Easter Pearl
    Easter Pizza
    Eggnog Cake
    Eleka Easter Egg
    Elekas Castle Pearl
    Elf Ear Cookie
    Elf Easter Egg
    Elger Candy Dispenser
    Elger Easter Egg
    Emo Spoodles
    Enpiah Easter Egg
    Enpiah Pearl
    Equilor Easter Egg
    Ercuw Easter Egg
    Evil Clown Cake
    Evil Clown Dinner
    Evil Clown Pearl
    Evil Clown Potato
    Evil Pizza
    Experimental Potato
    Eye Egg
    Eyeball Smoothie


    Fairy Bean
    Fake Teeth Pumpkin
    Farm Easter Egg
    Feliz Easter Egg
    Festival Gumball
    Festival Pearl
    Festive Pizza
    Figaro Dip
    Fire Bean
    Fire Fairy Easter Egg
    Fish Parcels
    Fish Soup
    Fish and Rice
    Fishing Easter Egg
    Flame Calla Lily
    Flesh Flower
    Floral Bean
    Flower Sugar Cube
    Flowery Gumball
    Foot Fruit
    Four Leaf Clover
    Frozen Butter
    Frozen Gum Drops
    Frozen Gumball
    Frozen Hot Dog
    Frozen Lolly
    Frozen Pearl
    Frozen Peas
    Frozen Pepperoni Pizza
    Frozen Steak
    Frozen Sugar Cube
    Funky Bean
    Funky Easter Egg
    Funky Gumball
    Funky Pearl


    Galactic Cotton Candy
    Garage Easter Egg
    Garden Cake
    Geek Easter Egg
    Genie Potato
    Ghost Cookie
    Ghost Lollipop
    Giant Pineapple Juice
    Gift Wrapped Wine
    Gifted Corn
    Gigantic Paradise Easter Egg
    Gigantic Paradise Pearl
    Gingerbread Bean
    Gingerbread Gumball
    Glass Easter Egg
    Glowing Gumball
    Glowing Sugar Cube
    Gold Bean
    Gold Easter Egg
    Gold Gumball
    Gonk Easter Egg
    Grape Freezie
    Grape Jelly Pie
    Grape Pixie Straw
    Green Bean
    Green Easter Egg
    Green Heart Macaroon
    Green Peppermint
    Grey Bean
    Grey Easter Egg
    Grilled Dumplings
    Grint Easter Egg
    Gym Easter Egg


    Hairy Potato
    Halloween Bat Cookie
    Handmade Chocolate Lati
    Happy Pearl
    Happy Turkey Cupcake
    Haunted Gumball
    Heart Omurice
    Homeless Fairy Potato
    Hot Pink Hyacinth
    Huthiq Dip
    Huthiq Easter Egg


    Ice Caves Easter Egg
    Ice Cream Bean
    Ice Cream Easter Egg
    Ice Cream Gumball
    Ice Cream Pearl
    Ice Easter Egg
    Icy Gumball
    Ideus Easter Egg
    Ink Juice


    Jar of Bats
    Jar of Bricks
    Jar of Christmas Food
    Jar of Mucus
    Jar of Nectar
    Jar of Single Tears
    Jar of Stars
    Jaw Breakers Nards
    Jenoa Pearl
    Jenoa Scratchcard Easter Egg
    Jessup Easter Egg


    Kamilah Pearl
    Kidlet Easter Egg
    King Baspinar Easter Egg
    Kiwi Duo Popsicle
    Kiwi Gummy Worm
    Kiwi Shell Candy
    Knutt Easter Egg
    Knutt Knight Easter Egg
    Kronk Easter Egg


    L33t H00ps
    Lati Dip
    Lati Easter Egg
    Lati Snacks
    Lati Topiary
    Leido Easter Egg
    Lemon Coffin Lolly
    Lemon Duo Popsicle
    Lemon Fish Steak
    Lemon Icicle
    Lemon Jelly Pie
    Lemon Sugar Cube
    Leprechaun Easter Egg
    Light Fairy Easter Egg
    Light Pink Peony
    Lime Freezie
    Lime Gummy Bottle
    Lime Icicle
    Lime Jelly Pie
    Lime Pixie Straw
    Lime Rock Candy
    Lime Taffy
    Liquorice Gummy Brain
    Liquorice Gummy Heart
    Liquorice Gummy Kidneys
    Liquorice Gummy Lungs
    Liquorice Gummy Stomach
    Liquorice Pixie Straw
    Liquorice Taffy
    Love Bean
    Love Berries
    Love Easter Egg
    Lowlyhood Easter Egg
    Lush Lake Easter Egg


    Mac and Cheese
    Mafia Pearl
    Midnight Easter Egg
    Midnight Pearl
    Midnight Soup
    Milk Chocolate Rapunzel
    Milk Chocolate Xoi
    Millionaire Easter Egg
    Mini Oats
    Mini Pearl
    Mint Chocolate Rapunzel
    Moonlight Bean
    Moonlight Potato
    Mordo Easter Egg
    Mordo Prickles
    Mould Jelly Beans
    Multi-Coloured Gumball
    Mummy Easter Egg
    Murfin Easter Egg
    My Pal Candy Heart
    My Person Candy Heart
    Mystery Candy Blood
    Mystery Gummy Worm


    Native Bean
    Negative Bean
    Newth Easter Egg
    Nino Dip


    Oglue Dip
    Oglue Easter Egg
    Orange Blue Nards
    Orange Candy Blood
    Orange Chocolate Rapunzel
    Orange Coffin Lolly
    Orange Duo Popsicle
    Orange Easter Egg
    Orange Gummy Bottle
    Orange Heart Macaroon
    Osafo Easter Egg


    Paffuto Easter Egg
    Pancake Roll
    Peach Gumball
    Peach Taffy
    Pear Gumball
    Pear Ukulele
    Peasant Fairy Pearl
    Peppermint Sugar Cube
    Perfectly Good Pizza
    Phanty Easter Egg
    Phanty Easter Egg
    Pink DNA
    Pink Easter Egg
    Pink Heart Macaroon
    Pink Hyacinth
    Pink Lemonade Rock Candy
    Plant Easter Egg
    Plate Cookies
    Poera Easter Egg
    Poison Cider
    Poison Drink
    Poison Flower
    Poison Gumball
    Poison Jelly
    Poison Pancake
    Poison Pearl
    Poison Pie
    Poisoned Potato
    Polar Potato
    Polka Dot Meat
    Poop Cookie
    Pork Stuffed Peppers
    Prawn and Squid Soup
    Princess Pearl
    Princess Tea
    Prison Bean
    Prison Easter Egg
    Puchalla Village Easter Egg
    Puchalla Village Pearl
    Puddle of Slime
    Puddle of Tar
    Pumpkin Candy
    Pumpkin Lolipop
    Pumpkin Mint
    Pumpkin Patch Cupcake
    Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Punk Easter Egg
    Purple Bean
    Purple Easter Egg
    Pyramid Cake
    Pyramid Cupcake


    Queen Eleka Easter Egg
    Quell Easter Egg


    Radioactive Bean
    Radioactive Fish
    Rainbow Bean
    Rainbow Bubble Tea
    Rainbow Candy Apple
    Rainbow Easter Egg
    Rainbow Punch
    Rapunzel Gumball
    Raspberry Pixie Straw
    Recycled Cake Crumbs
    Recycled Egg
    Recycled Gumball
    Recycled Pear
    Recycled Pearl
    Recycled Potato
    Red Easter Egg
    Red Gladiolus
    Red Peppermint
    Reese Easter Egg
    Renat Easter Egg
    Repair Geek Easter Egg
    Roast Pork
    Rofling Easter Egg
    Rotten Dung
    Royal Easter Egg


    Sand Sugar Cube
    Santa Claws Easter Egg
    Sea Salt Taffy
    Seasonal Easter Egg
    Seasonal Pearl
    Sewer Gumball
    Silent Pumpkin Candy
    Silver Bean
    Silver Easter Egg
    Silver Gumball
    Simerian Easter Egg
    Simon Gumball
    Sindi Easter Egg
    Skeleton Easter Egg
    Slater Park Easter Egg
    Sleepy Turkey Cupcake
    Slime Candy Apple
    Small Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
    Smashed Pumpkin
    Smiley Gumball
    Smug Pumpkin Candy
    Smugglers Easter Egg
    Snow Bean
    Snowflake Pearl
    Snowman Easter Egg
    Snowman Gumball
    Snowmans Easter Egg
    Snowy Gumball
    Space Fairy Easter Egg
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Spaghetti Ice Cream
    Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Spicy Chicken Soup
    Spider Pearl
    Spiked Orange
    Spiked Pear
    Splatter Gumball
    Spotted Gumball
    Starry Bean
    Steampunk Gumball
    Stone Apple
    Stoneage Potato
    Strawberry Cornet
    Strawberry Cupcake
    Strawberry Daisy Milk
    Strawberry Gumball
    Striped Easter Egg
    Striped Pearl
    Sugar Potato
    Sultan Gumball
    Suspicious Juicy Steak
    Swamp Gumball
    Sweet Bean Pancakes
    Sweet Figaro Tea
    Sweet Zola Wine
    Sybri Tail


    T Bone Steak
    Tantua Easter Egg
    The Fates Easter Egg
    The Leprechaun Easter Egg
    Tiramisu Pumpkin Latte
    Trotter Easter Egg
    Turkey Cupcake


    Ublish Easter Egg
    Underwater Pearl
    Underwater Potato
    Undying Easter Egg
    Undying Woods Easter Egg
    Undying Woods Pearl
    Ushunda Easter Egg

    Valentine Easter Egg
    Vampire Gumball
    Vanilla Cornet
    Vanilla Ice Cream Vixen Lolly
    Vanilla Icicle
    Vanilla Smoothie
    Viotto Easter Egg
    Vixen Ice Sculpture
    Vlad Wing


    Walee Easter Egg
    Wardrobe Fairy Gumball
    Wardrobe Fairy Pearl
    Water Gumball
    Water Pearl
    Water Potato
    Watermelon Candy Blood
    Watermelon Duo Popsicle
    Watermelon Freezie
    Watermelon Icicle
    Watermelon Taffy
    Whirlpool Easter Egg
    White Bean
    White Begonia
    White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    White Chocolate Fudge
    White Chocolate Gumball
    White Easter Egg
    White Gumball
    White Lily of the Valley
    Winking Pumpkin
    Winter Potato
    Witch Easter Egg
    Witch Hat Cookie
    Wizard Easter Egg
    Wooden Carrot
    Wooden Gumball


    Yellow Bean
    Yellow Sugar Cookies
    Yogurt Sandwich


    Zetzilla Cookie
    Zetzilla Pearl
    Zetzilla Potato
    Ziranek Easter Egg
    Ziranek Pearl
    Zombie Blood
    Zombie Munchies
    Zoosh Dip

    Vending Machine

    Posted on : 15th Oct 2015 08:47   Posted by : ZedifyZ
    Thanks for collecting the Vending Machine Instructions
    You now have lifetime access to the Vending Machine.

    You found a Bonus Clothing #106!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #101!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #104!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #42!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #102!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #60!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #79!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #121!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #91!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #69!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #70!!

    You found a Nightmare Shirt!!

    You found a Bonus Clothing #90!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #67!!

    You found a Valkyrie Female Costume!!

    You found a Bonus Clothing #55!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #18!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #64!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #56
    You found a Bonus Clothing #117
    You found a Bonus Clothing #112

    You found a Nightmare Shirt!!

    You found a Bonus Clothing #92!!

    You found a Female Guitar Shirt!!

    You found a Bonus Clothing #18!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #112!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #68!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #25!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #35!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #115!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #50!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #93!!
    You found a Lorius Onesie Female Costume!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #65!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #116!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #116!!
    You found a Sunflower Dress!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #118!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #94!!
    You found a Nightmare Shirt!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #73!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #54!!
    You found a Bonus Clothing #73!!
    You found a Feather Female Costume!!

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