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Seeking Swamp Yakubi! Name/stats doesn't matter.

Also potentially seeking:
-Baby Astro
-Doll/Space Crindol
-Plushie/Zombie Grint
-Negative Yakubi

Gallery Theme Possibilities:
-Matcha flavored
-Tea/Bubble Tea
-Ice cream







  • Favorite Costumes     ~17 Nov 2017
  • My Favorite Marapets     ~14 Nov 2017
  • Owned Pokemon Games WIP     ~12 Nov 2017
  • Core Series Pokemon Teams WIP     ~12 Nov 2017
  • Site Suggestions     ~23 Dec 2016
  • .:More Costumes For Yakubis:.     ~02 Nov 2016

  • Favorite Costumes

    Posted on : 17th Nov 2017 08:25   Posted by : Taskmonger
    A compilation of my favorite costumes!


    My Favorite Marapets

    Posted on : 14th Nov 2017 23:03   Posted by : Taskmonger
    A compilation of all my favorite Marapets out of all species & costumes listed in no particular order. I tried to limit them to those that have their own original art & not just the standard base. Please note I don't own any of them so contacts about trade are useless.


    Owned Pokemon Games WIP

    Posted on : 12th Nov 2017 19:00   Posted by : Taskmonger
    Main Series:
    -Pokemon Platinum
    -Pokemon Soulsilver
    -Pokemon Heartgold
    -Pokemon Black
    -Pokemon Y x2
    -Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
    -Pokemon Moon

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
    -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue
    -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky

    -Pokemon Ranger

    Core Series Pokemon Teams WIP

    Posted on : 12th Nov 2017 18:36   Posted by : Taskmonger
    Does not included PMD, Pokemon Ranger, other side series, etc.
    What I used to defeat the main story & afterwards.

    Pokemon Platinum:
    Not beaten due to cartridge malfunction, currently transferring valuable Pokemon to another game.

    Pokemon Soulsilver:
    Nuzlocke in progess

    Pokemon Heartgold:
    [Insert data here]

    Pokemon Black:
    [Insert data here]

    Pokemon Y:
    [Insert data here]

    Pokemon Y: (copy 2)
    Pre-used, main game beaten, used for storage.

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:
    [In progress]

    Pokemon Moon:
    [In progress, planned to be Decidueye/Slowbro/Salazzle/Mudsdale/Bewear/Magnezone]


    Site Suggestions

    Posted on : 23rd Dec 2016 06:25   Posted by : Taskmonger
    Unless I\'ve somehow missed an official forum for suggestions to be made for the site, I\'ll be dumping this here. Almost always a WIP.

    I am not a professional coder, I only know small amounts of bbcode & HTML, so if something needs to be moved from one to the other/vice versa let me know. :v

    .: Minor Alterations :.

    When editing a pet\'s profile, it would be nice if its name listed at the top provided a link back to its profile so we could see what it looked like, or, alternately, on the editing profile page show a preview of what the pet\'s profile currently looks like.

    Reworking inventory. Instead of being directed to several pages when interacting with an item, perhaps the main inventory page could open up a popup window exclusively for interaction with that item, i.e. using/attic storage/shop stocking/etc. This would make moving items much less tedious & take less time.

    Having an option to not see other people\'s signatures. This is more of an accessibility issue, as I\'ve noted signatures with flashing imagery on here before that could cause harm to those sensitive to it like epileptic users. It could be placed on the modifying your own signature page as a checkbox.

    More kinds of random events. They don't have to be modify anything, they can be ultimately harmless, just adds a little more fun to the site and possibly expand lore. The random event banner could also be bigger, because sometimes it can be easy to miss in a clicking spree. Also lowering the chance of being 'clumsy' and losing paltry bits of MP/an inventory item, that gets really annoying.

    When accessing the Attic, having Explore Attic be the default when at the page and then narrowing down your focus when looking for items is more helpful. Basically: Take the Browse Attic & Search Attic features from the initial Attic page and put it at the top of the Explore Attic page. Get rid of the middle man. In addition, being able to move more than one type of item would be nice.

    .: Major Modifications :.

    Revamp avatar doll dressup system completely. I think the best way to go about this is to have one doll base with full access to all hair styles & clothing-and just have the clothing itself have different versions drawn that show whether the character has boobs or not that can be switched at will (Option 1 or 2). This would allow people to better express themselves freely without gendering clothing.

    Adding/redoing flavor text for items. Considered major because of the massive amount of items onsite.

    Redrawing old art onsite like locations, shopkeepers, items, etc. Currently in progress, and looking great so far!

    Reach out & foster good relations with fansites. Presumably this is where Marafans hang out offsite & care enough to blog & create content about Marapets. One of the fansites I'm aware of is a wiki, although it sorely needs updating/revisioning.

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