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  • Retired AU Trick or Treat Cost...     ~11 Oct 2018
  • Alien Invasion     ~08 Aug 2014
  • 10th Birthday Event 2014     ~15 Sep 2014
  • Missions     ~21 Sep 2007
  • Information     ~13 Apr 2008
  • Personal Account Info     ~25 Jul 2008
  • Goals Current Level     ~04 Sep 2016
  • Missing Newspapers 2019     ~27 Jan 2019
  • Missing Newspapers 2014 - 2018     ~21 Aug 2016
  • Missing Newspapers 2010 - 2013     ~21 Aug 2016
  • Missing Magazines 2016 - 2019     ~29 Jul 2016
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  • Current Month Mag/News     ~14 Jun 2016

  • Retired AU Trick or Treat Costumes

    Posted on : 11th Oct 2018 10:36   Posted by : girlflower388

    Beelzebub Costume
    Black Death Costume
    Black Skeleton Costume
    Bloody Barber Costume
    Criminal Costume
    Death March Costume
    Doctor Costume
    Dracula Costume
    Evil Ghost Costume
    Gremlin Costume
    Graveyard Keeper Costume
    Grim Reaper Costume
    Headless Horseman Costume
    Killer Sindi Costume
    Loose Mummy Costume
    Lycanthrope Costume
    Mr Skeleton Costume
    Mrs Skeleton Costume
    Nefarious Cloak Costume
    Nefarious Fairy Costume
    Nurse Costume
    Onryo Costume
    Pumpkin Costume
    Red Death Costume
    School Uniform Costume
    Sinner Costume
    Speechless Ghost Costume
    Supergirl Costume
    Superboy Costume
    Teenage Sorcerer Costume
    Teenage Vampire Costume
    Teenage Witch Costume
    Tight Mummy Costume
    Undead Bride Costume
    Undead Groom Costume
    Vampire Girl Costume
    Vintage Devil Costume
    Vintage Pumpkin Costume
    Vintage Werewolf Costume
    Vintage Witch Costume
    Zombie Fairy Costume

    Alien Invasion

    Posted on : 8th Aug 2014 01:17   Posted by : girlflower388
    Aliens Defeated: 672 aliens
    Boogle - 210
    Oogle - 139
    Snoogle - 145
    Trojan - 35
    Troogle - 143

    Points Earned: 71499BP

    Items Received: 94 items

    - Alien Blaster Belt
    - Alien Blaster Belt Plushie x3
    - Alien Cupcake x3
    - Alien Emperor Contact Lenses x2
    - Alien Emperor Dress
    - Alien Emperor Suit
    - Alien Emperor Wig x2
    - Alien Goo x3
    - Alien Grapes x4
    - Alien Phone Book x2
    - Alien Potato x3
    - Alien Supporter Flag
    - Ball of Alien Yarn
    - Boogle (minipet) x2
    - Boogle Hat
    - Boogle Trading Card
    - Bubble Ultron Blaster x5
    - Enpiah Tentacles x3
    - Extraterrestrial Boy Plushie x2
    - Extraterrestrial Girl Plushie X4
    - Fraggle (minipet)
    - Green Energy Sword x6
    - Holographic Comic
    - Holographic Encyclopedia
    - Holographic Story Book
    - Marney (minipet) x5
    - Oogle (minipet) x2
    - Oogle Trading Card x3
    - Radioactive Paper Hat x2
    - Red Energy Sword x3
    - Rocket Ship Book x3
    - Snoogle Trading Card
    - Triple Finger Yoyo
    - Trojan Diary x5
    - Trojan Plushie
    - Trojan Supporter Shirt x2
    - Trojan Trading Card x2
    - Troogle Trading Card x2
    - Troogle (minipet) x4
    - Wind Up Alien
    - Zarplet (minipet) x2

    10th Birthday Event 2014

    Posted on : 15th Sep 2014 11:51   Posted by : girlflower388
    Pinatas Found:
    American Lorius Pinata x32
    Anime Willa Pinata x33
    Anis Pinata x13
    Bagel Pinata x9
    Blue 10th Birthday Pinata x19
    Blue Decadal Pinata x28
    Breeze Sindi Pinata x34
    Brown Snookle Pinata x19
    Capsule Machine Token Pinata x11
    Cherry Pinata x6
    Chinese Poera Pinata x34
    Chocolate Gizmo Pinata x32
    Daylight Kaala Pinata x18
    Fried Egg Pinata x10
    Grey Shaggy Pinata x9
    Heart Pinata x12
    Ian Pinata x21
    Kronos Pinata x23
    Lark Pinata x6
    Minipet Huthiq Pinata x28
    Minti Pinata x28
    Nimble Pinata x30
    Orange Liiing Pinata x34
    Orange Zola Pinata x18
    Pink 10th Birthday Pinata x9
    Pink Phanty Pinata x25
    Poop Pinata x13
    Pumpkin Pinata x9
    Red Blood Pinata x8
    Red Nino Pinata x30
    Red Sprite Pinata x30
    Snixie Pinata x21
    Snow Knutt Pinata x28
    Star Pinata x10
    Sunny Pinata x23
    Tisha Pinata x11
    White Nicky Pinata x27
    Yellow 10th Birthday Pinata x8
    Yellow Gummi Pinata x22
    Yellow Yoop Pinata x30

    Manged to get: 806,993MP

    Items Found:
    Green 10 Year Plushie
    Party Pooper Plushie
    Pinata Murfin Plushie
    Pinata Vixen Plushie
    Purple 10 Year Plushie x9
    Yellow 10 Year Plushie x8

    10th Birthday Cookie x33
    10th Birthday Cupcake x49
    Cake Shorts x45
    Party Gumball
    Slice of Blueberry Cake x6
    Sprinkled Blue Doughnut x3
    Sprinkled Doughnut x12
    Sprinkled Pink Doughnut x3

    Elegant Dress
    Geek Shirt x2
    Ice Shirt
    Marapets Gamer Shirt x2

    10th Birthday Female Costume
    10th Birthday Male Costume
    Circus Female Costume x5
    Circus Male Costume x2
    Half Gender Female Costume x2
    Half Gender Male Costume x2

    Pinata Costume x3

    Blue 10th Birthday Balloon x6
    Green 10th Birthday Balloon x47
    Pink 10th Birthday Balloon x3
    Red 10th Birthday Balloon x28
    Yellow 10th Birthday Balloon

    10 Today Card x35
    10th Birthday Card x35
    10th Birthday Globe x30
    Party Time Clock x9
    Party Hat Lamp x3

    Deci (minipet) x2

    10th Birthday (avatar)
    Surprise! (avatar)

    Blue Sparkler x37
    Green Sparkler x36
    Red Sparkler x33
    Yellow Sparkler x27

    Present Bomb
    Firework Gun x6

    Jar of Birthday Confetti x3

    Party Hat Stamp x4
    10th Birthday Stamp x3

    Balloon Birthday Hat x7
    Colourful Birthday Hat x8
    Checkered Dots Birthday Hat x4
    Dotted Birthday Hat x7
    Playful Birthday Hat x8
    Spotted Birthday Hat x8
    Starry Birthday Hat x4
    Striped Birthday Hat x9
    Swirly Birthday Hat x7

    Butterfly Mask x12
    Carnival Mask x5
    Classic Mask x7
    Feather Mask x4
    Half Face Mask x2
    Lace Mask x9
    Long Nosed Mask x2
    Rose Mask x2
    Sun Mask x5


    Posted on : 21st Sep 2007 01:27   Posted by : girlflower388
    Completed Missions:
    - Traquin's Library -> 4 times
    - Trunx's Theater -> 3 times
    - Circus -> 3 times
    - The Troll -> 2 times
    - Rubbish Dump -> 2 times
    - The Clam -> 2 times
    - Ublish's Liar -> 1 time
    - Bumpkin -> 1 time
    - Greedy Gertrude -> 1 time


    Posted on : 13th Apr 2008 06:18   Posted by : girlflower388
    You joined Marapets on September 4, 2006, 4:12 pm

    Loyalty Prices:
    King Baspinar : 104 months
    Queen Eleka : 690 days
    Sultan : 180 days

    Pumpkin Hunt 2007: 247 pumpkins
    Pumpkin Hunt 2008: 86 pumpkins

    Valentines Day 2009: 5 hearts

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    Big Money Bingo
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