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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly

Note to Staff:
Other people also use this computer such as my sister (Kazzaik) & sometimes cousins also use the same computer to play marapets on.

I please request kindly that you do not ban/remove any of us or our accounts from playing marapets as we do use the same pc but for our own different accounts. We may send each other itemz & petz occasionally.

I may also log in from other computers & devices thxxxx.

Thankyou for your attention & your understanding. :)
Hey All,

Wow haven't been on mara for agez :o
Have missed it & by the lookz of it alot sure has changed around here - caught my sis playing & was intrigued by the game & later realised it was marapets she had been playing....I was tempted & excited to try & come back & play again :P lol


' & '

Please Note other people, also use this computer and I also log in from other computers thx :D

my goals r to have some LE pets specifically in pixie, fairy, baby, angel, cotton candy, starry &/or rainbow types, lol I know its alot of types, but they r all so pweety, neways dats it for now lol
take care,

Kazza (KC) :)


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