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note: i will be on fairly less from April-June 2019 or longer due to health, uni, and general life stuff. all thoughts and/or prayers are very greatly appreciated. in this time, the best way to contact me is through snail mail or my other socials (feel free to ask for them if we are closer).
hello im chloe and im 20. :-) i'm a proud parent of 2 kitties and a dog. i've had an account here for a loooooong time but just recently got back into playing. i love customizing my doll, collecting minipets, restocking goodies, and hoarding cute things--which i keep in my gallery. i love making friends too, so requests are always open. i will lend any of my pets but some are quite costly and my space azul is templed currently.

also i login from different locations and on different devices, some of which are shared, but this is my one and only account.
Player for 12 years, 7 months & 23 daysJoined 5th Jul 2007 10:08
current mara goals:
~turn Pochacco into a dalmatian rusty
Player for 12 years, 7 months & 23 days Joined 5th Jul 2007 10:08

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