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Welcome to my profile ^^,
I collect wardrobe items, and my favorite is the wigs section. I'm an entusiast to dress up my doll XD

~Don't say anything bad about yourself, because you wouldn't have told a friend~ Well that's one of my personal goals for this period.

Thanks for visiting:)
______§________________________________________ _§§_____

Note to staff: I log in on multiple devices on different locations. (sometimes from the car if I'm a passenger). I also visit my friend Bondskii, then we use the same wireless. That's all.

Note to people offering photo to my photo on trades: I'm not into swapping photos/plates from trades. ⍩


~^^∿≈≋ Welcome to my profile ≋≈∿^^~

I don't know what to write here.. And probably you're not looking here either xD
So I'm just gonna talk to my self! Oh, that sounds fun!

Well, I'm an ♒Aquarius♒, learning how to live the life..
And I'm not gonna tell u how "old" I am.

A random fact? Uhm.. well.. I'm in love with people who can draw realistic, (or very good manga)
Why..? Because it's so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So... Yes, I like to draw aswell.. But I'm currently busy with other things in my mind right now..
My webside??
No, it's.. kinda..I.. It's not that much.. Oh, well.. Have a look then..
*handing over the links*



I love my familiy, I love my friends. I should love life, but sometimes I can't.

Step by step, I'm learning about myself.



㋛ Funfacts about me here on mara: ㋛

▶ Do you collect something?

-Yeah, that I do^^,

I collect wigs, wardrobe items and worms. It's totally random that they all starts with the "w".

I also collect glowing eggs=) and hoping drew can accept those eggs I have..

▶ Right, good luck with that.

-Thanks, I really needed that.

▶ ☺, So, what's your favorite pet species?

-Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh. Hard hard haaaaard to choose.

Top three might be: Kaalas, Sindis, Raulf and Chibs

(yeah I know that's 4..)

▶ I agree, it's really hard to choose XD
Moving on.. What's (y)our favorite item?

-If it's not the wigs, it's the chests!

▶ Okey, can you be more specific?

-Sure, I'll try..=P
I'm very interested in Golden Anklets&ArmBands, Ancient Kamilah Wings, Flower Shower, Pea skirt, Bottle of fireflies, Rose Vine Shoes, Autumn Trees, Bangs, Virgo Pants, Kitsune Tail, Dragon, Full moon/Rising sun..
This list only grows's longer and longer.

▶ Favorite pet costume?

-Whaaat? I think I'll have say: Anime, alien, dragon, daylight, elf and hairy.

▶ And the best marapet event so far?

-I enjoy many of the events. The most amazing event for me has been with the Elf. I got a pet wish granted, my lovely panda Sindi<3 I still can't believe that was real. The Easterbunny event was also great! I still can't believe the easterbunny gave me, ME of all people, a easterbunny costume. My wardrobe was so flat then.
And the safari event!(which also was the hardest event). It gave me a really mara-boost! I'll always love camp jani.

▶ Alright, so next question.. What do you usually do here?

-I can't say all that, I'm already just talking to myself, noone is reading this stuff.
Anyway thank you for reading and take care.

▶Excuse me, who are you talking to..?
- ⍜_O


Player for 11 years, 9 months & 23 daysJoined 16th Feb 2008 10:43
Be yourself
Player for 11 years, 9 months & 23 daysJoined 16th Feb 2008 10:43
~also UzumakiNaruto
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