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>>Please don't hesitate to maramail me if you need anything!<<

I should respond within the same day. Don't be afraid of sending multiple maramails if I'm responding slow / forgot to respond. It won't bother me!

About Me

My name is
Maple! I'm from Canada. I've been playing Marapets for years now but I'm sometimes busy with school and leave for a while! Sorry about that! I play mara with my boyfriend, Akagi! If you need any help or have a question for me, please feel free to maramail me! Also my friend requests are always open! I'm happy to take photos of my pets/ plates of my minipets for you if you need them, but only if you need them for your collection please! I'm also happy to lend you my pets but please keep in mind that their lending fees are quite big.


My main current goal is to get Hu to level 20 of his job / collect the resources to do so! (Aka a bunch of scholarships since he already has the school stats).

Environmental Studies 44 - I need
103 more Environmental Studies Scholarships
Humanities 20 - I need
45 more Humanities Scholarships
Computer Science 30 - I need
90 more Computer Science Scholarships
Molecular Science 45 - I need
95 more Molecular Science Scholarships

These are the items that I want most right now:
Fasoro Ears / Any Raulf Maker

Player for 5 years, 11 months & 2 daysJoined 30th Apr 2014 14:16
Player for 5 years, 11 months & 2 days Joined 30th Apr 2014 14:16

On has collected 17 of 74 Giftboxes

Double Crystals
Double Diamonds
Double Hieroglyphics
Double Scholarships
Double Worms
Elite Gym
Missing Food
Missing Learnable
Shop Pricer
Transmogrification Repeat
Transmogrification Temple
Wardrobe Selfie
Worm Digging

On has collected 3 of 23 Maps