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About Me
Hiya! I’m Kim. Welcome to my profile! I’m an adult player on marapets. I used to play Mara when I was younger all the time, so I guess I’m back for nostalgia reasons. It was always my dream to get a chibs, so that’s what I’m gonna work towards! Besides Mara, I love to play games, specifically MMORPGs. I actually found my first MMORPG from an add on here, called Angels Online. After that, I moved on to Fiesta Online, then Tera, Blade & Soul, Revelation Online, Archeage, FFXIV, and many more! Currently I am playing FFXIV and Archeage: Unchained. I also love Anime and manga. I also like to make graphics in photoshop, I put together my profile header! Well that’s all, feel free to message me, I am always looking to make friends!

[x] Change Yotsuyu to an Anime Raulf
[ ] Change Traverse to a Scout Chibs
[ ] Change Vauthry to a Fat Chibs
[x] Change Exarch to a Snow Chibs
[ ] Changed Aymeric to a Royal Chibs
[ ] Change Tobimaru into an Anime Bolimo
[ ] Change Yuunei or another pet to an Anime Chibs
[ ] Get a Bug Chibs
[ ] Get a Nimbus Chibs
[ ] Get a Dragon Chibs

Note to Staff
I play on my PC (sometimes other PCs) and my phone.

Credits to squid for the cute bubble tea art!
Credits to mosspaws for the "click to see info" button!


Player for 2 years, 2 months & 28 daysJoined 31st Oct 2017 20:39

Art made for me ♥
Player for 2 years, 2 months & 28 daysJoined 31st Oct 2017 20:39
~also Tashorie

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