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Hermit The new fairy Prizes can be hurried up... The loyalty not at all...
SpirouTheDragon Ferribly has eaten Giant Salad Bowl and is now 0% hungry
Hermit Ok so you are an oldie who is back to mara.... To prevent the servers from going haywire you will receive a prize every day you are online until you are up to date....

Help & Assistance
Taurus Treasure Chest items:
by mythenmetz at 20th Apr 2018 05:01
New Players
Hiya! I'm new!
by Kyax at 19th Apr 2018 21:23
Marapets Chat
Trading Disney Name/CRW/Per Name: Copper
by Polaris at 20th Apr 2018 04:49
General Chat
Giving away 5mil MP and 1mil BP and my gallery
by ill at 20th Apr 2018 05:08
Random Chat
Unpopular opinion
by Dulce at 20th Apr 2018 05:26
Restricted Chat
Gratitude Board 3.0 ♥
by Dulce at 19th Apr 2018 18:25
Price Check
by potato15124 at 20th Apr 2018 05:25
Notice Board
Cheap retired items in Auctions!
by Melissa at 17th Apr 2018 07:09
Story rp?
by Shan2016 at 3rd Mar 2018 01:47
What song are you listening to? 🎶
by locobunnii at 20th Apr 2018 03:24
Programming & Graphics
More kittys!
by RustHeart at 19th Apr 2018 18:55
Dress Up
Rate the Doll Above!! <3 x
by k_dawgy_dawg at 20th Apr 2018 05:17
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Krampus Tip!
by at 26th Dec 2016 21:43

Recent Editorial

Anamya Can we have a link for the Fire Fairy in the Spell shop/collection?

Sure, this has been added now.
19 Apr 01:34

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↣↣Taurus Treasure Chest
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