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mav8 I need to pass simeria goal 22 and I'm stuck on that fir the map that I cant afford
Q_Q brb, I need to eat some breakfast lol
Jin Well my current one is Nimbus Goal Level 18. Which means I need to get to like Level 15 in Greedy Gertrude? I can't even get past Level 2 75% of the time

Help & Assistance
Trade disappeared
by babygirl7272 at 25th Apr 2019 09:01
New Players
Need help on battling Talon
by adriana190196 at 25th Apr 2019 09:36
Marapets Chat
Pet wish granting time!!!
by Beckahx at 25th Apr 2019 08:36
General Chat
Giving away several pets, with stats!
by Startingover at 25th Apr 2019 09:31
Random Chat
The closest time mara got to peace
by 0_o at 25th Apr 2019 09:34
Restricted Chat
I'm so burnt out on Uni.
by am at 25th Apr 2019 07:55
Price Check
Auctions of very rare items for half the price
by 22nd at 25th Apr 2019 09:34
Notice Board
by jadeanna95 at 25th Apr 2019 09:10
Audalania (A Fantasy RP)
by at 30th Jun 2018 08:23
figure skating
by wax at 20th Apr 2019 12:16
Programming & Graphics
🌸Badger: Making Graphics for MP or 📸's!
by elstea at 25th Apr 2019 08:39
Dress Up
🌸 Rate the doll above 🌸
by adairrules1 at 25th Apr 2019 09:20
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

Congratulations you were one of the top 100!
by Praimfayadesire at 16th Sep 2018 03:17

Recent Editorial

Alisha Can we get a link to the Dukka Coin Exchange on the shops that use dukkas?

If you click on the Dukka Coin icon next to the price, this links you to the Dukka Coin Exchange. The same goes for Fake Dukka Coins and Account Upgrade Credit Shops.
25 Apr 09:18

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