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pupsanddogs999 2 have all three services so that goes in the very middle... 3 have both drive up window and delivery services BUT that also includes the 2 that have drive up window, delivery service, and outside seating, so 3-2 = only 1 that has just drive up windo...
Fairy i think i might charge my phone up and do it after lunch. i wanna take a dog but it's not fair to take 1 and leave 3 Crying
Kelsie okay in the middle should be a 2 bc all 3

Help & Assistance
Is the maratalk chatroom worth it
by Tamaki at 25th Sep 2018 06:07
New Players
by tiny2pint at 24th Sep 2018 15:00
Marapets Chat
Borrowing the following pets!!!
by Seiko at 25th Sep 2018 08:58
General Chat
Thumbs up only
by Tamaki at 25th Sep 2018 08:57
Random Chat
I’m so tempted to portal my Limax
by Extraterrestrial at 25th Sep 2018 08:56
Restricted Chat
Anyone else been on hiatus for an age?
by berryblast at 17th Sep 2018 06:10
Price Check
Buying 100k RP @ 1:8!
by Dirt at 25th Sep 2018 08:57
Notice Board
BIG GIVEAWAY ! Club `Unique~
by Tals at 24th Sep 2018 21:00
Cruising Away
by kirsti at 7th Sep 2018 09:55
🎵What song are you listening to?🎵 again!
by Lancelot at 25th Sep 2018 06:52
Programming & Graphics
by BellaDiablo at 25th Sep 2018 02:04
Dress Up
()Rate the Doll Above()
by Seiko at 25th Sep 2018 08:56
Adult Chat
Strictly 18+ Adults Only. £3.00

i love camp Jani
by Politics at 22nd Sep 2018 15:52

Recent Editorial

Sweetangeleyes Could we have a timer underneath the bootleg pyramid, on the missions page, like all the other temples and pyramids?

Added :)
24 Sep 12:16

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