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The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in any of the Shops through out Marada. The share price of each shop changes throughout the day, depending on the level of stock, number of customers, profit and other various factors. You can only buy shares in a company with a share price of 100MP or above. You can only buy a total of 2,500 shares.

Company Open Current Change
Account Upgrades Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Antique Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Appliances 114MP 1,194MP +947.4%
Armour 110MP 5,702MP +5083.6%
Bakery 192MP 3,653MP +1802.6%
Balloons 247MP 1MP -99.6%
Batteries 246MP 196MP -20.3%
Beanstalk 0MP 1MP +0%
Books 104MP 112MP +7.7%
Boosters 0MP 1MP +0%
CDs 102MP 1MP -99%
Candles 252MP 236MP -6.3%
Candy 134MP 831MP +520.1%
Canned Food 132MP 137MP +3.8%
Car Parts 103MP 1MP -99%
Cereal 207MP 189MP -8.7%
Charity Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Charms 278MP 262MP -5.8%
Chocolate 117MP 1MP -99.1%
Cleaning Products 197MP 1MP -99.5%
Clothing 163MP 1MP -99.4%
Coffee 103MP 47MP -54.4%
Coin Exchange 0MP 1MP +0%
Computer Parts 210MP 6,241MP +2871.9%
Contact Lenses 110MP 3,828MP +3380%
Cooking Ingredients 142MP 240MP +69%
Costumes 169MP 1MP -99.4%
DVDs 165MP 1MP -99.4%
Desert Spy 0MP 1MP +0%
Diner 257MP 31MP -87.9%
Eye Make Up 215MP 185MP -14%
Face Make Up 217MP 15MP -93.1%
Factory Outlet 0MP 1MP +0%
Fast Food 174MP 1MP -99.4%
Flooring 150MP 280MP +86.7%
Flowers 140MP 1MP -99.3%
Footwear 133MP 1MP -99.2%
Frozen Food 150MP 1MP -99.3%
Fruits 154MP 155MP +0.6%
Furniture 123MP 1MP -99.2%
Games Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Giant Flowers 221MP 1MP -99.5%
Giant Fruits 183MP 1MP -99.5%
Giant Vegetables 112MP 1MP -99.1%
Giftbox Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Glasses 142MP 1MP -99.3%
Glowing Eggs 112MP 1MP -99.1%
Gourmet Mutant Food 293MP 188MP -35.8%
Hair Dye 134MP 1MP -99.3%
Halloween Treats 167MP 1,780MP +965.9%
Ice Cream 150MP 1MP -99.3%
Illegal Concoctions 169MP 1MP -99.4%
Jewellery 207MP 202MP -2.4%
Kwazikujo 0MP 1MP +0%
Lipsticks 694MP 257MP -63%
Magic 171MP 1MP -99.4%
Meat 158MP 1MP -99.4%
Medicine 156MP 38MP -75.6%
Millionaire's Lodge 0MP 1MP +0%
Mining Tools 0MP 1MP +0%
Minipet Food 133MP 1MP -99.2%
Minipets 175MP 3,311MP +1792%
Mummy Dolls 275MP 280MP +1.8%
Musical Instruments 106MP 555MP +423.6%
Olympics Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Pearls 129MP 1MP -99.2%
Perfume 179MP 1MP -99.4%
Pirate Ship 0MP 1MP +0%
Pizza 533MP 1MP -99.8%
Poison 106MP 35MP -67%
Potato Chips 0MP 39MP +0%
Potions 350MP 4,146MP +1084.6%
Pots of Paint 100MP 1MP -99%
Pottery 172MP 31MP -82%
Rapunzel's Tower 0MP 1MP +0%
Recycling Centre 0MP 1MP +0%
Restaurant 198MP 1MP -99.5%
School Supplies 199MP 1MP -99.5%
Seeds 110MP 1MP -99.1%
Slater Stalker 0MP 1MP +0%
Smoothies 0MP 1MP +0%
Smuggling 0MP 1MP +0%
Soft Drinks 113MP 1MP -99.1%
Spells 217MP 200MP -7.8%
Spices 195MP 1MP -99.5%
Stamps 147MP 430MP +192.5%
Stars 194MP 9,061MP +4570.6%
Sushi 132MP 342MP +159.1%
Tattoos 290MP 1MP -99.7%
Toiletries 285MP 33MP -88.4%
Tools 182MP 1MP -99.5%
Toys 198MP 1MP -99.5%
Trading Cards 198MP 1,603MP +709.6%
Traps 175MP 8MP -95.4%
Treasure Maps 0MP 1MP +0%
Vegetables 139MP 1MP -99.3%
Video Games 0MP 1MP +0%
Voodoo Dolls 476MP 1MP -99.8%
Wallpaper 173MP 2,868MP +1557.8%
War Shop 0MP 1MP +0%
Weapons 129MP 1MP -99.2%
Wigs 214MP 34MP -84.1%

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