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The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in many of the Shops through out Marada. The share price of each shop changes throughout the day, depending on the level of stock, number of customers, weather, profit, events and other various factors. If a company goes bankrupt you will lose any MP invested in this company.

You can buy shares in a company with a price of MP100MP or above and below MP1,000MP. You can only make one purchase of shares every 3 hours and sell within 2 hours of investing. A purchase can be between 1 and 100 shares in one company.

Ihearttro just sold shares in Hair Dye for MP109MP +7.9%
Blackparadeleader just sold shares in Bakery for MP1,474MP +6.2%
MotherNature2020 just sold shares in Books for MP3,955MP +14.3%
angelicvisit just sold shares in Ice Cream for MP189MP +17.4%
Pumpkaboo just sold shares in Illegal Concoctions for MP675MP +25%
Catabolic just sold shares in Contact Lenses for MP3,594MP +25.6%
Ahleigh just sold shares in Seeds for MP40,600MP +80.4%
krisp64 just sold shares in Halloween Treats for MP2,185MP +180.5%

Invest in my Vegetables Shop

Total Stock:
Total Value:
Average Rarity:
Average Price:

Number of Shares

Between 1 and 100 shares

Price per share last week
Current price per share

  Vegetables News

Vegetables shares are up 0.29% at MP694MP
10th Sep 2021 18:31

Vegetables shares are up 0.44% at MP689MP
9th Sep 2021 14:04

Vegetables shares are down 0.72% at MP686MP
8th Sep 2021 21:52

Vegetables shares are down 0.43% at MP687MP
6th Sep 2021 21:13

Vegetables shares are down 0.72% at MP687MP
4th Sep 2021 12:09

Vegetables shares are down 0.43% at MP692MP
3rd Sep 2021 23:10

Lower than average Quests completed brought shares in Vegetables to MP695MP - down 9.97%!
3rd Sep 2021 01:52

Vegetables shares are down 0.13% at MP772MP
2nd Sep 2021 05:35

Vegetables shares are up 0.39% at MP773MP
2nd Sep 2021 01:33

Vegetables shares are up 0.13% at MP770MP
1st Sep 2021 14:21

Vegetables shares are down 0.26% at MP769MP
1st Sep 2021 10:31

3rd Jun 2021 19:30

6th Dec 2020 10:10

Vegetables is back under new ownership and can be invested in again. Shares are starting at 549MP
30th Aug 2020 00:00

Vegetables have declared bankruptcy. The bailiffs are in as the company went into administration. All shares in this company have been lost and you can no longer invest in this company while it is in liquidation
23rd Aug 2020 21:35

4th Jun 2020 07:39