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MaraPets opened August 15th, 2004 meaning that we are now officially 19 Years Old. We like to celebrate each milestone and we do so with our annual Birthday Party event. Visit us each year on (or around) our birthday to take part in this 2-3 week event.

Each year we love to throw bigger and better parties at MaraPets. Unfortunately each year the residents of Marada also get one year older and find it increasingly difficult to enjoy the party. All of the excitement (and definitely not the repetitiveness) can be a bit too much for them! With so much of their time spent napping, complaining about how much Marada has changed and getting lost en route, time at the actual Birthday Party is limited.

Invitations to the Birthday Party were sent out weeks ago but most partygoers didn't read it. Those that did have forgotten or don't want to arrive at the party alone. Visit the profile of any player that is currently Online Now to try and get an Invite to the Party - someone must know something! You may randomly receive an invitation once you have earned at least 60 Seconds to party. Otherwise you will win a Birthday Pinata or MP.

As you browse and play the site as normal, a 'Birthday Party' box may randomly appear on the page. When you find it, click it and a random amount of Seconds will be added to total amount of time you can spend at the Birthday Party. The more you find, the more time you will have at the party and the more MP and Birthday Gift Bags you could win there! At the end of the event, there will also be additional prizes for those who find the most.

You missed our 19th Birthday Party
Our next event will start August 15th 2024

20th Birthday Party is in only 5 months, 13 days & 20 hrs

Birthday Event Prizes