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Amantoriya Will pets ever be able to wear clothing, or is that an overly-ambitious road?

This will never, ever happen.
12 Feb 07:50

Haze Could we possibly have more length options for Auctions? I.e., 11, 13, 14, 16 hours..

Sure, I have added 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 hours and 14 days to Auctions and Pet Auctions.
12 Feb 07:48

Violin Could we be allowed more selfies, 100 just isn't quite enough..

I have made the Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox stackable now. The first time you use one it allows 100 selfies instead of 3. Each additional Wardrobe Selfie Giftbox you use will allow another 100, to a maximum of 1,000 selfies.
12 Feb 07:36

Selection When we search for something in shop search, can there be a count of how many of that item is in that user's shop?

Sure, this has now been added to Shop Search. It cannot however be added to 'Quick Search' or Price Checker.
15 Oct 16:58

shadowstarqueen Can we have the option to buy multiple Lottery tickets like we can with Raffle?

Sure! You can now buy 1, 5 or 10 Lucky Dip Lottery tickets at a time.
15 Oct 13:00

Bellatrix90 Could we get a double scholarships giftbox for the aquarium please?

Sure, why not. I'll get one made today.
13 Oct 06:15

Jasmine Thanks for adding the Mutant Skin to the AU Trick or Treat Costumes. Could the Mutated Costume possibly be added as well? It retired from the same place as the Mutant Skin.

13 Oct 06:12

comanches_girl Can we get random stats for our pet while battling?

There are actually new random events being added to Battling and Restocking soon... so... maybe :P
13 Oct 06:09

jalapeno Can you have it so that trade lots can hold 16 or 20 items? So a trade lot can hold an entire treasure map set.

10 is and will always be the maximum.
13 Oct 06:03

Gummgumm Will the slot machines ever come back?? :/

Yes, but nothing like they were before...
13 Oct 06:01

Ghibli Could we have a link somewhere on the bootleg pyramid page to the fake pirate ship please?

13 Oct 06:00

blitzen Can we have a link to the light fairy on the university page please?

13 Oct 05:58

Declan Can you fix the countdown for Dukka Dash on the "points to play" page? It shows the normal time, even if you have the giftbox.

Fixed :)
13 Oct 05:54

Seiko When scrolling through the premium hair styles, can the preview be with the hair style on your current doll instead of a default doll? That would make it a lot easier to figure out if a hair style looks good on your doll!

You just click on any hair style and it'll load the preview above on your current doll.
13 Oct 05:51

kittykat100 Will there ever be a Foxfire Pond Goals?

The artwork has been ready for them for months now but we have a few new features for this world I want to release first.
13 Oct 05:12

FadedLynx Can Dress 4 Less Vouchers be tradeable? Not everyone has, wants, or can ever afford an expansive wardrobe of retired/AU clothes. Also not everyone with a big wardrobe wants to change their pets. This could make both groups happier!

This will never happen.
13 Oct 05:11

Shan2016 Can you make a feature when viewing other people's pets, the fee to borrow/ lend each pet is there

It only shows for your pets. A lot of people would not want this information public and not everyone wants their pet to be traded/borrowed.
13 Oct 04:56

Shipper_Of_Heart Can we get a tick to tell us which plushies/clothes/other collectibles we have when we select them? We have them for stamps and cards, but not many other collectibles

All collections have this but *SOME* require a specific Giftbox to work. For more information visit the Giftbox Shop or the Help Forums.
13 Oct 04:53

Jokar When flash ends, will we still be able to play our favorite games ? Are you going to redo any of them so we can still have them?

No plans to re-do them, I think they've served us well for the past 13 or so years BUT its time for them to go. They current plan is to move them to a Museum in Simeria.
13 Oct 04:51

Declan Can you add a feature that allows you to test club layouts in the actual club setting without leaving your current club or tampering with your current club layout?

You can do this by creating an extra page in the club to test with.
13 Oct 04:50

MommaCats Is there a way to use UPI to organize our blogs?

This has been on the to-do list for a long time now but I finally have added it to Blogs today :)
11 Oct 06:36

Leirissa Will there be a gift box for Capsule Machine?

There is one but it is retired. It was won from the Capsule Machine. One day in the future it may be re-added.
7 Oct 10:40

jalapeno When you cancel a trade, can you make it so that it goes back to the page you canceled from instead of page one?

I'm surprised it didn't already do this! This has been done for Trades and Wanted Ads now.
7 Oct 10:34

spottedcalf I saw where you said in April there were plans in the works for the Volcano, but it was needing to be put on hold. Are there any new updates/changes of plan/spoilers you're willing to share with us? :)

The world has been planned for years and so have many other features and new content. It was basically put on hold to focus on older worlds. All new features to be added right now will be improvements or enhancements to older features. The only spoiler really is that Eleka's Castle is most likely the next world we will focus on.
7 Oct 10:32

Nerdfighter Why can't we change the colour of wigs?

You can but you must use Hair Dye items in your Wardrobe.
7 Oct 10:25

Debbie Will there ever be a feature that will allow Olympic/Stalker/Score/Game Points to be used for trades or C.E's?

No. These currencies will never be traded.
7 Oct 10:24

gennie Could you please add places like Eleka's Fountain and Murfin Madness, places that can make your pet sick, to the Witch Doctor?

Those features make your pets sick which is different to a curse. The Witch Doctor will only protect against curses from other players.
7 Oct 10:23

Caveira Would a feature like the Olympics ever be implemented that depends on schools/uni stats rather than stats/elites?

Job Agency was pretty much this feature but who knows in the future what we will bring out :)
7 Oct 10:19

Dragobete There is a Fat colour for pets, why isnt there a Skinny colour too?

There was and they became Pampered Pets.
7 Oct 10:17

CollectionFox You put in pet lending will you make it so when people click on your pet it hows its fee instead of asking?

The fee for a pet has been added to pet profiles now.
7 Oct 10:03

Ather Can we have a button to pay the Electric Bill? All we have now is a link.

Sure. This has been updated.
7 Oct 09:42

WondersCreated Can we have a search feature on the wishlist?

You can use the site search to search items, its the same thing really.
7 Oct 09:39

hlff3 Will there ever be an icon for if your pet has eaten certain things like there is for when they???ve played with something?

This has been a feature for a long time now but you need to unlock it with the Missing Food Giftbox.
7 Oct 09:38

Meivabelle Can we get a line break for price check in photo/plate swap under club, similar to the retirement page? Thank you.

Sure! This has been added now.
7 Oct 09:37

Rumor Will quests like Eleka prison and hump racing see any new prizes/incentive in the future? The rewards are near worthless and the only reason worth doing atm is for Goals

Every feature will get updates eventually but its all about timing.. so yes they will in the future, but who knows when!
4 Oct 16:13

ItsJake Since we can only buy from the Smuggler once every 24 hours... can we get a countdown please?

Sure! A countdown now shows when you visit the Smuggler.
4 Oct 15:50

rappinrocks How will we obtain our beloved Daisy without the Undying Festival? Any future plans?

Potions, Enchanted Plushies, Essences, etc... and most likely in a future event or something else random and unpredictable!
4 Oct 15:41

KingoftheSindis Will my questions ever be answered? lol

Probably not
4 Oct 15:38

sambam777 Are we gonna have an Undying Festival this maraween?

The Undying Festival was never a Maraween event. However, this festival will not be returning.
3 Oct 17:35

genevieve Can there be a counter on the Club Raffles where one can see how many tickets they have purchased already?

It shows in the Club Donations list.
3 Oct 17:33

Owlet Hey Ian, just curious, do you have a plan in the works for flash games, seeing as adobe plans to retire flash player in 2020?

Of course
3 Oct 17:30

Twi Can we have the choice to manually remove and add club points from members?

There already is an option to remove club points but not add. This may be added in the future.
3 Oct 17:24

ris Can we add newspaper and magazine swaps to clubs?

No, no new swaps will be added to Clubs. The 4 most important and easiest to do fair swaps have been added.
3 Oct 17:20

Kam Would you concider making another use for Hotel/Hospital Credit

This was done a while ago - it can be used for the Prison too now
3 Oct 17:18

vampyre5131989 Can you add the capsule machine items to the retirement planning list next time there is a switch up for prizes?

No. Capsule Machine restocks are unpredictable and are at random.
3 Oct 17:12

gennie Could you add a link to the Memory Shop to the top of Inventories?

Sure - added!
3 Oct 17:11

Alcyone Could you add Capsule Machine as a category in retired items please?

You can view all Capsule Machine prizes here at and the retired items show their rarity in red.
3 Oct 17:02

Caveira Could we have a countdown for buying shares added to the countdown clock? Loving the new features.

It already does, on the Points to Play Games page.
3 Oct 17:00

hanhula Would it be possible for clothes to show whether they're in your wardrobe or not when checking their price? Thank you!

This has been a feature for a long time now but it only works if you have the Missing Wardrobe Giftbox in your collection.
3 Oct 16:57

Sweetangeleyes Could we have a timer underneath the bootleg pyramid, on the missions page, like all the other temples and pyramids?

Added :)
24 Sep 12:16

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