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Welcome to the Lowlyhood Fashion Show - where players come to show off their latest fashion designs. Do you have an idea for new clothing here on Marapets? Enter and make your ideas a reality! To enter, draw your idea onto our character base - click for the Doll Base. You can design any kind of clothing, costume and/or wig and submit as many entries as you like - this feature is permanent! Send your entries to Remember to include your username! Winners will be announced in the news, will win 100,000MP, a profile Medal, the items they designed and will be permanently listed in the Fashion Show gallery below.

IMPORTANT RULES - All entries must be in .JPG, .PNG or .GIF format. Entries in other formats will not be accepted. If you cannot draw them on a computer, you can print out the bases, hand draw your designs and scan them in or take a photo. We're looking at design ideas and details, not artistic talent. Please be sure to include your Marapets username with your entry.

Fashion Show Winners

You can win all of these items at the Vending Machine. Winners are announced in the News.

Clothing Designed
Username Date
Dracorex Wings bopig October 31st, 2017
Turkey Hat YunisUnis November 23rd, 2016
Nightmare Dress Decomposition October 19th, 2015
Fruit Dress bopig June 9th, 2015
Musical Wig Punk May 29, 2015
Ballerina Costume Calculus May 19, 2014
Rockabilly Costume Jakabok May 19, 2014
Sunflower Dress Punk May 19, 2014
Cat Lover Wig Floffy May 19, 2014
Rasta Wig JahLove April 16, 2014
Thorn Wig Reichenbach April 16, 2014
Woodland Wig nah April 16, 2014
Burlesque Suspenders mumu35 April 16, 2014
Valkyrie Costume Angrybunny April 16, 2014
Lorius Onesie nah April 16, 2014
Gothabilly Braids Angi April 16, 2014
Feather Costume Anatidaephobia April 16, 2014
Guitar Shirt Sorci April 16, 2014
Minipet Lover Shirt gregoentre April 16, 2014
Ice Cream Dress Sassy April 16, 2014
Autumn Long Dress Decomposition April 16, 2014

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