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For hundreds of years the Foxfire Forest lay still and dormant, hidden from the rest of Marada. Now, thanks to the summer rains, it has finally sprung back to life. The forest is filled with many magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some are friendly and eager to make friends after hundreds of years of slumber - others are just hungry and looking for a snack! Whatever you decide to do - be wary of the beast in the woods.. you never know where he might be lurking....

 Account Upgrades Shop
You can buy special items for Account Upgrade Credit at this shop in Foxfire Forest.
Play Game  Beast in the Woods
Complete the 30 levels of the Beast in the Woods mission for an Astro pet.
Completed Level 0 of 30 

You can visit Beast in the Woods now

Play Game  
Do quests for the Carpenter to earn Toy Blocks to use in the Puny Pyramid.

Complete a the Carpenter Treasure Map to use this
Play Game  
Drake rewards each of your pets for training their level stats.

Play Game  
Forest Fairy 
The Forest Fairy rewards you for the number of toys your pet has played with.

Play Game  Foxfire Pond
Complete the Foxfire Pond Treasure Map and you can visit Favolos for rewards.

Play Game  Goals
Complete each level of the Foxfire Forest related goals to win prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Mining
Got a mining tool? Go mining for minerals in the Foxfire Forest mine.

 Mining Tools
You can buy mining tools for MP at this shop in Foxfire Forest.

Mining Tools may restock new items in 4 minutes
Play Game  Pixie Dice
Only 1,000MP for Pembe to throw her magical dice. Can you win pet stats or MP?

Play Game  
Queen Bee0 
Bring sweet or scented items to Queen Bee for a prize, stat or sting.

Complete a Queen Bee quest now
Play Game  Telescope
Pay Orion 2,000MP to use his Telescope and you may spot the elusive Magic Carpet!

Play Game  Wise Walee
Wise Walee pays for School lessons for a different pet every day.

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