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Foxfire Forest
Deep beneath Foxfire Forest are a series of mineral-filled natural caverns, reaching as far as the City of Marada. The minerals here have incredible untapped magical power. Each Mining Tool item that you use will award you with extra time to spend in one of six different mines. Each mine is filled with Minerals and you will get to keep each item that you dig up before the time runs out.

Whenever you use a Mining Tool you will gain extra seconds for you to spend in a mine. When you visit a mine, these seconds will start to countdown and whatever you pick up in this time you will get to keep. The rarer the tool, the greater the chance you'll earn time to dig in a rarer mine. All mines are filled with Minerals but you can also win Bones, Worms, Poop, Magic Beans, Dukka Coins, Fake Dukka Coins, Keys and Elements for your wardrobe.

You can visit 0 of 6 different Mines

Use any Mining Tool and you will gain extra time to dig in these mines

City Mine
0 Seconds
Ancient Mine
0 Seconds
Bronze Mine
0 Seconds
Silver Mine
0 Seconds
Magic Mine
0 Seconds
Gold Mine
0 Seconds