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Marapets is mobile friendly
14th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 25 days ago

More has been discovered at Baspinar's Castle! Princess Rapunzel is now selling very rare items for large amounts of BP in the right tower of the castle.

I wonder how you get the Rapunzel Avatar...

Princess Rapunzel has been added to the castle map.

The default Xoi Avatar has been released.
13th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 25 days ago

The 33rd pet has been released. Introducing the Xoi a non limited edition pet you can now create.

Two more games Avatars have been hidden. These ones are little harder than the ones before!

The Leido and the Oglue are now avaliable in checkered!

The Oglue and the Xoi plushies and potions have been completed!
12th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 27 days ago

Level 30 : Diet Sweetcorn Marapop

Clue : 'A + B = C'

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12th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 27 days ago

We have released another new game to start of the week. As promised, we will try our hardest to release one brand new flash game every week. This week, we have released Marapet Keeper. We hope you like it, and if there are any problems or errors please let us know with a support ticket.

Can you find the Fairy or Hobo avatars we have hidden?
12th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 27 days ago

We have been having a few problems with the Account Upgrades system. Only instant payments are working, such as credit card payments so instant bank transfers do not seem to work. If you have paid for an upgrade and not received it right away, please open a support ticket with the paypal email address, transaction ID and amount of the payment and we'll process it manually within 48 hours.

The Stoneage Knutt and Angel Poera are the latest pet colours avaliable.

Three new Avatars have been hidden for some of the latest flash games.

The Marapop Event will continue later today. We had delayed it for server changes but they will not happen until the end of the month instead.
12th June 2006
14 years, 10 months & 27 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.
5th June 2006
14 years, 11 months & 2 days ago

We've finally managed to get Account Upgrades automatic. You now buy credit by typing in the amount of US dollars you would like to spend and buying this with paypal, or by sending cash/cheques. You will also soon be able to buy credit for other people. If you buy with paypal and the payment is instant, the credit will be added to your account straight away. It may take a few days until your payment clears with some payment options. You can also save the credit on your account and spend it on whatever upgrade you want, whenever you want, at the click of a button! It seems that for a few people it does not work instantly, but you will still receive them quicker than usual, because I manually check them against a list of those that the server processed and then send them. We hope you are happy with the changes, it should make it much more efficent.

The June Account Upgrades are now here. Similar to what we did in May, there are two themes but only avaliable as a Gold Account. They will not come in Bronze and Silver, but will also not go up to $20 in two months time. Here are some of the prizes you could get...
A Hobo Chibs or a Fairy Chibs with these new costumes, or if you manage to get the potion!

A Fairy Stamp or a Hobo Stamp for your albums.

A Lxi Trading Card. This and other recent battle opponents will be activated later in the week.
4th June 2006
14 years, 11 months & 4 days ago

The new Checklist for June has been released. Enter this month for a Free Ipod Nano and a Free Sony PSP! Even more prizes have been added this time, and then entry requirements are also easier than last month. The winners for May and June's upgrades will be released later in the week.
3rd June 2006
14 years, 11 months & 4 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.
3rd June 2006
14 years, 11 months & 5 days ago

Its been a while since we've had a new game but Bounchy has been released. It has replaced Funky Pong as our 5th flash game. We have also fixed Undead Billiards. Sorry for the very long delay, there was a small bug with the score sending, because of recent changes to our domain name, which took us until yesterday to find. Now it has been fixed, we should be back to one new game released a week. You can also see a preview of the new pet, Xoi, in the game!

The Oglue default avatar has been released.

The Layout has been fixed. It had to be recoded because of a few bugs that appeared on other browsers. Sorry for those that have experienced these problems since it went live. If anything does not load properly, any lines show or things just do not line up please open a support ticket and let us know in detail what resolution your computer is and the browser you use the internet with. It has been testing with Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and the AOL browser and there are no problems but if you do experience any, please let us know before we start on the Night theme.
2nd June 2006
14 years, 11 months & 6 days ago

June is here and we've started the summer with a brand new look for the site. One of the biggest problems of the site was that we had so much content and it wasn't organised well enough. It has taken a while but we have reorganised the whole site, with 'Also Try...' for similar content and more consistent, organised colours for sections of the site. We also realised that the layout lacked character and colour. We have redesigned it to be much nicer for the variety of users we have on the site. You are currently seeing the 'Day' theme of the site. By the end of the week, at night time MST, you will see the 'Night' theme. Also they are both summer versions. For the autumn, the leaves will fall and in winter, it will be frozen. As the year changes on Marapets, so will the layout. Even if you are not a fan of the changes, as we realise how some people do not like major change, we have tried not to move or reorder buttons unless we really had to! Please also note that it has taken a very long time to get it like this but it is not completed. We still need to add a text link of how many maramails you currently have, changes to random events and notifications and fixing the problems some browsers are experiencing. The layout has been optimised to work best with Mozilla Firefox. If you would to change browsers, here is how you can:

We are a little behind schedule with the Account Upgrades. We'll try and get them released by Monday. The January upgrades will retire when June's are released so its your last chance to get them!

The June Checklist will be released in a day or two. You still have time to enter May's competition if you haven't yet.
29th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 9 days ago

The Pot of Gold has a new look! For those of you who don't know, The Pot of Gold can be found in Gigantic Paradise and you can get free items there that fellow Maradans have donated to it...

Ublish is once again widening his search for Stars! Five new ones can be found in the Star Shop...

Three new Stamps are restocking!

You can now win Ercuw Plushies from the Plushie Machine!

26th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 12 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.

26th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 13 days ago

These Ideus Plushies are now in the Plushie Machine!

The missing Huthiq Plushies have arrived...

25th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 14 days ago

Plushie collectors will like these new Viotto Plushies...

These new Newth Plushies have also been added to the Plushie Machine

24th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 15 days ago

These new Rofling Plushies are now in the Plushie Machine:

There are also some new Equilor Plushies...

20th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 18 days ago

The Troll is the latest mission, this time for Musical Instruments. Like Tarquin's Library, the Troll wants a pet that has learnt a certain instrument. The difference is, the Troll is only avaliable every other hour, during the night at the Castle. Also, each time you complete his missions, the level required for the instruments will increase. Remember to check the time on the site before you start the mission!

Changes have been made to Baspinar's Castle. Every hour, the map changes. At even hours (02,04,etc) it is night time and at odd hours (03,05,etc) it is day time. During the night the inside of the Castle will be closed, the bridge will be up and you will be able to visit the Troll that lives under the bridge. During the day, the Troll will be unavaliable and the inside of the Castle will be open.

This Troll Avatar has now been hidden. I wonder how you get it...

The Rotten Costume is one of the Troll's prizes. This is what the Rotten Sindi, Leido and Ideus look like:

The Mommi is the newest battle opponent - also a prize of the Troll!

The 32nd marapet has been released! The Oglue is limited edition and you can only get one from a potion, from the Troll missions.
20th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 19 days ago

The are lots of new Zetlian Plushies...

The Huthiq and Leido are now avaliable in Sketch!

These new Yakubi Plushies are so cute!

The Leido, Doyle and Equilor are now avaliable in Radioactive...

There are also new Huthiq Plushies!

Those on Ublish Missions beware - there are four new constellations of Stars restocking!

This is what the new Gonk Plushies look like....

We have hidden a new Avatar for the Tweblud minipet.

These missing Bolimo Plushies have been added to the Plushie Machine.

Finally, these missing Azul Plushies are now in the Plushie Machine.

19th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 19 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.
18th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 20 days ago

After spending the last few weeks of testing, we have found the best way to position the site's Layout and how to make the site easier to use. We have taken down the advert at the very top of the page and replaced it with new buttons, making the content of the site higher up the page for you. We have also removed all adverts that have confused people, or been positioned in annoying places. We also discovered that one of the main problems was finding pages that were not major sections, such as the Editorial. To fix this problem, we have added 'Also Try...' links at right side of the page in most of the site. They list pages we believe are related to the page you are at, and should help you to navigate the site much better. If you do have any more suggestions for improving the nagivation of the site, please submit it to the Editorial. The actual design of the site is being redesigned for the summer!

The Plushie Machine has received a very much need make over. It looks great now!

We have great news for Plushie Collectors! Laimay is currently working on plushies and enchanted plushies for all of the pet colours on the site that are missing. It is a huge project, but we are almost complete. Here are some new Addow Plushies to start with...
15th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 23 days ago

The Fasoro is now available in radioactive!

Five new Stamps for you to collect are restocking...

Ublish has added 5 new Stars to his list! They are now restocking at the Star Shop.

And finally, the Editorial Avatar has been hidden for you to find...

13th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 26 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.

12th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 26 days ago

We have just released a new system for you to help Promote Marapets. Its simple to do and rewards you weekly. You basically copy and paste a html code onto a website, or you copy and paste a forum code to your forum signature on other sites and you can start gaining the rewards. Unlike the Referral System, you do not need to refer new members to the site to get a prize. All you need to do is add the code to a site to get prizes. Its works by recording the site you have placed the code onto and each week calculates how many Cool Prizes you should get by the number of different sites it shows on! Prizes can even be Account Upgrades credit, DNA or a limited edition minipet! Virtual Pets | Games
11th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 28 days ago

Level 29 : Diet Tomato Marapop

Clue : 'Mmmmm protein and vitamins all in one'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

11th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 28 days ago

Level 28 : Diet Cranberry Marapop

Clue : 'A really big task'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza