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Marapets is mobile friendly
11th May 2006
14 years, 11 months & 28 days ago

Level 27 : Diet Cheese Marapop

Clue : 'Picks loads up, since he is experienced'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

8th May 2006
15 years ago

The Poera is now available in sketch!

Five new Stamps for you to collect are restocking...

7th May 2006
15 years & 1 day ago

The April Prize Giveaway has now been drawn! The lucky winners are:
Playstation Portable - brentsmom
1GB Ipod Nano - sobolan
$50 Account Upgrades credit - Petcollector, Thissle, kitty4u6, Guineapigsrule, navygirl
$15 April Gold Upgrade - Tigernut, Genome, Palomita91, Scooterb, baker534, scorpion, m33epst3r, __spy, marzobebe24, cinnabar
$5 April Bronze Upgrade - BaronBaracuda, dalyrimple, darkling280, angel1997, Shalott, stoerevleermuis, slipknot26zero, jewells, indygo, Cracked24, LawrenceGreen1973, tgirl3300, JakeThaProdigy, the_anna135, soaringeagle, Adakaleh, mtw92,cuponer, maramara780, lambdaone

Four new Stamps are restocking...

Several Minipets are now available in lots of new colours.

And can you find this environmentally-friendly Recycled Avatar?
7th May 2006
15 years & 2 days ago

The Editorial for this week has been released.

The Winners of the April Prize Draw will be released later today.
6th May 2006
15 years & 2 days ago

We have released more Dukka Coins to make the currency more interesting. You can also exchange any of the coins in Dukka Caves for smaller or higher coins. Coins worth more than 9 Dukkas will receive a 10% charge.

The Glowing Egg Enthusiast avatar has been activated.

The City of Marada has decided to start to tackle the problem of Global Warming by becoming the most sustainable city in the world. It has started by opening a Recycling Centre. All of those Marapops that are being given out from the Marapop event are being dumped and now the City is offering incentives for you to recycle them instead! For every can that you recycle, you will receive points that can be used to redeem cool prizes! The centre is in the City but it has not been labelled properly yet. You can get great prizes from a Recycled Costume to the Glowing Recycled Egg that has been on the top of most of your wishlists for months!

The Knutt, Viotto and Rofling can now use the Recycling Costume!

The rarity of all Marapops have been changed to rarity 8.

Two new items have been added to the Pirate Ship!
2nd May 2006
15 years & 7 days ago

The May Giveaway has now started. A new checklist has been created and a new set of $1,000 worth of prizes has been added. This month instead of a Playstation Portable, the main prize is a Nintendo DS! We will most likely find out who the winners are for April this weekend. Remember that you have 7 days to claim your prize or it will be given to someone else! You will need to make sure you check back regularly. Good luck!! Free iPod Nano

The Dukka Coins have been redrawn and look much nicer now!

The Account Upgrades for May have been released, with a Stoneage theme to them this month! Here are some of the great rewards:
A very limited edition Seven Hundred and Fifty Dukka Coin! This can be exchanged for smaller amounts at the Coin Exchange, spent at Dukka Town, Dukka Caves or the Pirate Ship or saved for Smuggling...

A Stoneage Costume that can already be used on the Ercuw, Gonk and Feliz!

The Caveman Trading Card that you can add to you battle deck.

And finally, this new minipet - the Reon!
1st May 2006
15 years & 7 days ago

Hope you enjoyed the Server Problems today as much as we enjoyed fixing them! They have been fixed now and the site is running well again.

The Gonk has been updated and now can be zombie, mutant and prison! We have removed the tooth that was added for april fools day.
1st May 2006
15 years & 8 days ago

The Layout changes have finally almost been completed. Since the huge change from green to blue, each page of the site has been edited to change to the new layout. We have also opened up 50% of the site to Guests so they can look around the site before they join.

Eight new Stamps are restocking....

The Easter Egg Hunt and April Free Prize Draw have now finished. The May Free Prize Draw and Marapop Event will begin in a few days.

To help further improve the great User Support we provide we have created an Editorial. This will be answered almost every week by Laimay and Ian. This is your chance to ask questions directly to them, submit your ideas and find out more about them. Please do not maramail or ticket these anymore! Remember that Support Chat is used to quickly report a scam/scammer/cheater/spammer/inappropriate post/maramail and the Tickets are for other user support and glitches. You cannot use them for gaming help - use the forums or the websites in the Help Section instead! Editorial
30th April 2006
15 years & 9 days ago

Today is the LAST day for you to complete the Easter Egg Hunt and the April Free Prize Draw. If you haven't completed them now hurry!

We have updated the Stamp Albums. There are new pages and we will be releasing more stamps over the next few weeks. 14 new stamps are now restocking!

May Account Upgrades will be released later this week which will retire the December upgrades. If you would like a December set, you only have a few more days!

As the site is growing so fast, the forums have been changed to keep up with the large amount of active players we have online. A SPAM forum has been set up that pays no mp and does not increase your post count. This is the only place for chat speak, short posts, random topics, signature and/or font testing and other SPAM. The other boards all have to remain on topic. New members cannot use any forums other than Newbie Chat for their first 24 hours on the site, so please watch over this forum to welcome and help new members. Bumping topics is banned - all replies must have a valid point. Posts with the word bump in them will not work. You can also gain access to other forums when you are a player for one month and then again at three months. The same forum rules apply - press the report button if you see any posts/topics that do not follow the rules.

Just a reminder that you are only allowed one account. If you have any other accounts, please write to staff to have them frozen. If other members of your family play, please add a note of this on your profile, listing their usernames. We can easily catch cheaters and this week will be using three months of logs to catch any one who has broken this rule.

23rd April 2006
15 years & 16 days ago

More Image and Layout servers have been added to our network now, so we shouldn't have anymore problems with their loading times. We are now saving up for a Sun Fire V40z 64bit server to move all of our large databases, which are currently struggling with the rapid growth we are experiencing. Some days we have over 6,000 new members joining and each of the have items, pets, avatars, marasites, etc so we are going to move to Oracle when we can afford it. This will be a longterm fix for the site, as we can easily add more servers without any downtime whenever we need them. We will keep you updated with our progress, we still need just over $55,000 - hence the extra adverts around the site. Anyone thinking about buying an Account Upgrade, the money will be going towards this.

The Easter Egg Hunt is now giving out prizes! You will still be able to complete the hunt for the rest of the week.

There are 4 new Hidden Avatars for you to find!
15th April 2006
15 years & 23 days ago

The Easter Egg Hunt has started for 2006. Every year, our week long event begins on Easter Sunday. This year there are 24 levels. At each level you will be told where the next easter egg is hidden - but you will first have to work out what the clue is saying as it is shuffled. Once you have completed a level your egg will be added to your Basket, which can be found in Candyland. Once the event is over, which should be in the news next Sunday, you can go to your basket and collect your prizes! Those who complete all 24 levels will get a set of prizes shown below and one of each of the Easter Eggs. Those who do not manage to get all 24 will just get to keep the eggs in their basket. Good luck! The first clue is mSap uAmlbt

The Easter Egg Hunt has been added to the Candyland map.

You can win all of the following Prizes for FREE if you complete all 24 levels! There will also be an Avatar released as one of the prizes that will retire next week!

A new temporary forum has been set up for you to work together for the Easter Egg Hunt.

This is the newest Battle Opponent named Cracked you can get from the Easter Egg Hunt!
15th April 2006
15 years & 24 days ago

NEW DAILY - The Tombola has opened in Baspinar's Castle. You can play for free once every 8 hours. If your ticket ends in 0, 2 or 5 you win a prize - if not, you will receive a small amount of BP!

The Marada map has now been labelled for Baspinar's Castle.
15th April 2006
15 years & 24 days ago

NEW PET - The 31st Marapet has finally been released. Originally as an April Fools joke, we have received hundreds of tickets, emails, maramails and seen lots of posts on the forums wanting one of these pets. Therefore, due to popular demand we have released the Gonk as a non limited edition pet for anyone to create! The battle poses have now been completed too.

The Gonk can also become grey, black, white, pink, orange and purple!
14th April 2006
15 years & 24 days ago

NEW WORLD - A new world has been discovered in Marada. Baspinar's Castle has been released. This world is home to King Baspinar of Marada and you can only use your BP currency in this world. Please note that it is just released and a lot more features and places will be added to the map later.

Sword in the Stone is the newest feature outside the Castle. You can play once every 10 minutes for only 25BP! If you are lucky enough to pull the sword from the stone, you can either keep the amazingly rare sword or keep the Jackpot MP offered by the King.

Here are five of the rarity 36 Swords in the Stone you could get...
10th April 2006
15 years & 28 days ago

Level 26 : Mango Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'Money for nothing!'

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10th April 2006
15 years & 29 days ago

Level 25 : Avocado Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'He gorged a user bin!'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

10th April 2006
15 years & 29 days ago

Level 24 : Lime Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'It's quite useless really'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

10th April 2006
15 years & 29 days ago

Level 23 : Diet Grape Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'You're never too old!'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

10th April 2006
15 years & 29 days ago

Level 22 : Diet Papaya Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'Small and green but not peas'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

10th April 2006
15 years & 29 days ago

Level 21 : Lemon Flavoured Marapop

Clue : 'Dont be scared to ravage differently'

click here for more information about the Mega Marapoptastic Extraveganza

7th April 2006
15 years, 1 month & 1 day ago

The fourth Marapets flash game has been released. One of our favourites, Undead Billiards can now be played three times a day with a maximum payout of 1,500MP per go! Give it a try! Please also note that it is in beta release so report any problems with it to us please.

The Bolimo can now be radioactive...

6th April 2006
15 years, 1 month & 2 days ago

Clubs have all of their bugs fixed. We have also add a new feature to allow you to ban and unban certain members from your club.

The Ushunda is now avaliable in sketch.

Your Attic now has a search feature to help you find things quicker!

We have recoded Maramail. It now looks a lot better, has no annoying redirects and you can block certain players from mailing you!
4th April 2006
15 years, 1 month & 3 days ago

Two months of offline recoding of the whole site was completed today. Scripts have been fully optimised to run their fastest and they are much easier now for errors to be fixed. Please report any errors you have found that have still not been fixed.

The Walee can now be radioactive...

We have doubled the amount of Image Servers we have and tripled the number of servers loading our Layout. You should notice much much faster loading times and a layout that actually loads properly. Sorry for the problems we've had recently with images.

The Marapop event will return on Friday and is planned to end on April 15th. We have given you a little break so that you can catch up, while we work on more important news for the weekend.
2nd April 2006
15 years, 1 month & 6 days ago

The Lottery has been drawn for this week. lilsabeth is the winner of the 506,500MP Jackpot with the winning numbers of 22, 23, 3, 9, 11 and 17! Congratulations!

2nd April 2006
15 years, 1 month & 6 days ago

Last Week's Raffle has now ended. Chunkeydoll is the winner of the Three Dukka Coin and 100,000MP prize with the winning raffle ticket number 24414! Congratulations! Make sure you buy your tickets for today's raffle - only 5MP per ticket!