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Hello all!
You can call me Akito or Yuri. Whatever floats your boat. I'm an adult player who has been on here for a very long time lol. I am open to club invites, friends, random talking (though it may take me a hot second to get back to you as I work weird hours.)

My current pet goal is to turn Akitokiki into a Halloween Chibs. She is based on my cat, Akito. Who is a black cat with an attitude. lol

Thank you so much to Smirk for making my goal happen! KC_KellysCat was originally a Fasoro. Earlier this year, I got lucky with the Lava Account Upgrade and got the Chibs one. And now, thanks to Smirks amazing genorocity, KC_KellysCat went from Lava Chibs to Angel Chibs. I'm so happy!

Akashu the Galaxy Echlin
3 years & 15 days OldBorn 18th Nov 2017 19:25

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Rainbow Fatty
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