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Marapets is mobile friendly
Ables is my main pet for battling. He is a active guy and trains almost daily in the gyms. He loves the Olympics and goes there for trainning also.
His name was changed so I could keep him showing as my 1st pet and therefore always easy to get to.
His buddy is Angel Carolyn first pet and she has a lot of stats on her also.
Ables the Seasonal Reese
13 years, 4 months & 23 days OldBorn 18th Feb 2007 10:33

Red Flub
11 Months 18 Days Old
10 Months 18 Days Old
11 Months 20 Days Old
Green Nodio
11 Months 5 Days Old
Fade Scavange
1 Year Old
12 Months 4 Days Old
Pink Frump
1 Year 1 Month Old
11 Months 22 Days Old
Red Fumb
1 Year 1 Month Old
7 Months 24 Days Old
Blue Dracone
10 Months 6 Days Old
9 Months 23 Days Old
Level 11 Doctor earning MP2,025MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP3,500MP a day
Level 30  Defence 70  Health 60  Charisma 25  Language 60  Maths 70  Science 120  CDs 24  DVDs 14  Books 60  Stamina 70  Coordination 35  Environmental Studies 20  Humanities 7  Computer Science 10  Molecular Science 20 

Golden Slingshot
Star Sword
Staff of the Old Fairy
Candycane Sword
Gingerbread Magic Staff
Monstrous Magic Staff
Sword of the Dark Side
Golden Goose Axe
Golden Goose Axe
Rainbow Mace
Alien Blaster
Alien Blaster
Dark Cupid Bow
Fire Magic Staff
Bough Bow