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Poor Entitia suffers from an identity crisis, being a product of the whirlpool, the experimental subject of goals' costume requirements, and other Maradan horrors. You can find some of her past reincarnations in photos. Of course, sometimes she spends less than 12 hours acclimating to her new paw/leg/hairband/tail. Alas, those memories are lost forever.

When not working out at the gym, Entitia is at the elite gym. When not at the elite gym, Entitia is in school. When not in school, Entitia is at university. When not in university . . . the Marapets site is down, and Entitia's pitiful cries for attention have gone unanswered.

While fishing for old boots, Entitia reminisces about her humble roots as a blue Fasoro and daydreams of becoming a water Chibs one day. *Wags tail at gallery.*

Entitia the Beige Jessup
15 years, 11 months & 21 days OldBorn 3rd Nov 2005 14:25

Bartimeus Survivor
15 Years 10 Months Old
Roo <3
6 Years 3 Months Old
6 Years 2 Months Old
6 Years 1 Month Old
Space Fairy Rudolph
17 Years 6 Months Old
1 Month 26 Days Old
Pink Indy
1 Month 26 Days Old
Baby Alex
5 Months 1 Day Old
Grey Jacko
1 Month 13 Days Old
Orange Jacko
2 Months 0 Days Old
Black Fatty
1 Month 29 Days Old
Grey Neek
2 Months 25 Days Old
Pink Fatty
1 Month 11 Days Old
Green Skullington
1 Month 19 Days Old
Black Vampry
1 Month 13 Days Old
1 Month 0 Days Old
Purple Orville
2 Months 2 Days Old
Blue Myer
3 Months 25 Days Old
Level 17 Doctor earning MP10,950MP a day

Ice Elixir
Staff of Eleka
Ice Elixir
Staff of Eleka
Golden Goose Axe
Golden Goose Axe