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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Kinga and I have been playing marapets since a long time on and off during the course of the years. I am 22 and I love meeting new people. Feel free to chat with me and get to know me better. I am open to trades and exchanges. Add me and I am sure we can become friends :)
Octelia the Toy Viotto
12 years, 8 months & 23 days OldBorn 12th Sep 2007 01:09

11 Years 1 Month Old
Red Neek
5 Years 3 Months Old
Pink Roflow
2 Months 1 Day Old
Blue Chidow
2 Months 1 Day Old
Red Charley
2 Months 27 Days Old
Pink Chati
1 Month 17 Days Old
4 Months 2 Days Old
3 Months 15 Days Old
Blue Doxen
2 Months 17 Days Old
Pink Zetlee
2 Days Old
Level 5 Architect earning MP325MP a day

Poisonous Dagger