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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Pets never for trade unless currently in pet trades or forum
I very often sign in on my phone, ipad, laptop, and others.
I also have a VPN that I use sometimes so my IP address will change.
Maramail/Maratalk are open. Club requests are closed.
I joined December 4th, 2006.
Alonzy the Daylight Zola
9 years, 10 months & 25 days OldBorn 31st Oct 2010 14:41

No Name
4 Years 11 Months Old
White Deino
1 Year 10 Months Old
Orange Addese
1 Year 5 Months Old
1 Year 4 Months Old
2 Months 0 Days Old
Level 18 Chef earning MP8,800MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP9,900MP a day
Level 100  Health 90  Charisma 50  Art 65  Science 100  CDs 100  DVDs 100  Books 100  Stamina 100  Coordination 100  Environmental Studies 18  Business Studies 28 

Harvest Scythe
Klondike Solitaire Shuriken
Bounchy Axe