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My name is Kit
I am an adult player.
I come and go at random times so if I do not respond to your MM it is because I am gone.
I'm dying inside and nobody knows it but me


Friend requests: Sure

Maybe I did not make this big enough

Club invites: Not NO, but HELL NO!

Pet trades: No, I love them too much
Givyn the Dark Fairy Nino
8 years, 7 months & 15 days OldBorn 14th Jun 2011 04:26

5 Years 1 Month Old
Green Syotto
5 Years 2 Months Old
5 Years Old
Yellow Pugwash
5 Years 2 Months Old
No Name
5 Years 1 Month Old
4 Years 7 Months Old
Blue Flub
9 Months 13 Days Old
Level 10 Programmer earning MP750MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP2,000MP a day
Speed 55  Charisma 11  Language 55  Maths 40  Science 30  DVDs 55  Books 55  Stamina 30  Computer Science 15  Business Studies 15 

Staff of the Undying Fairy
Mad Scientist Magic Staff