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Hello my name is Affects because I have a way of affecting humans,in a nice way.
My owner sevenofnineone always wanted a vixen,however they always were just out of her reach.
Until one day my prior owner shan4408 and I decided for me to move in with sevenofnineone.
I have been here ever since.
I am very happy with all of my brothers and sisters. With the exception of BabbiGirl.
Because she is a spoiled brat.
Affects the Seasonal Vixen
8 years, 3 months & 1 day OldBorn 20th Nov 2011 18:59

3 Months 24 Days Old
Level 2 Hacker earning MP300MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP350MP a day
Level 3  Speed 15  Language 15  Maths 3  Science 15  CDs 4  DVDs 15  Books 15 

Candycane Sword
Vixen Bow
Holly Axe
Vixen Staff
Gingerbread Magic Staff