I'm Reverie / Rev
Chris (Civ) is my husband.
We met on Marapets and now we're married and it's cute.
You're welcome to mail or friend request.
I'm already in a club.

I work from home and almost always have Mara open in a tab, so I may show online but actually be pretty busy. I do click over fairly regularly, so please be patient :)

2019 GOALS:

ALEN! []
35k forum posts [X]
3k plates [X]
4k wardrobe [X]
1k plushies [X]
1.5k photos [X]
1k or more avatars [X]
Swap Theory/Lorius names []
Rename Lum [X]
Rename Iniesta [X]

Missing Plushies Giftbox [X]
Battle Giftbox [X]
Enchanted Plushie Machine Giftbox [X]
Missions Giftbox [X]
Photo Parlour Giftbox [X]
Telescope Giftbox [X]
Webcam Giftbox [X]

Thank you Xemnas for the generous help with my giftbox goals!
Thank you to my love for the plushies that made Sorcery, Lorius, and Civrev
Thank you PlasmaReaper for Discord
Thank you ItsJake for Coluzo's vlad potion
Thank you legolover3 for your unexplained gift of many MPs

"The Black Canary"
10/10 portrait by Tyler

Wander the Minipet Lorius
6 years, 11 months & 23 days OldBorn 12th Dec 2012 11:15

Green Twindly
4 Years 2 Months Old
4 Years 2 Months Old
Blue Vamps
4 Years 1 Month Old
Lorius Helmet

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