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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Mother and wife. I love pet games and tick based games. Its my free mental therapy.

My pets are not for sale but I am willing to loan any of them.
5Roxy55 the Maroon Gizmo
6 years, 9 months & 29 days OldBorn 1st Jan 2014 20:46

3 Months 23 Days Old
4 Months 12 Days Old
Purple Batty
3 Months 23 Days Old
Level 9 Thief earning MP775MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP850MP a day
Level 25  Strength 50  Speed 100  Charisma 10  Sports 30  CDs 10  DVDs 20  Magic 50  Spells 15  Stamina 10  Coordination 25  Law 8 

Dukka Trove Fan
Gigantic Fairy Mallet
Golem Shield
Candy Cannon Gun
Poisonous Dagger
Slime Slingshot
Slime Slingshot