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The beginning of RubyLee .way back to the year of late 2007 .there was a member of marapets.She had RubyLee .she made a topic in pet forum.think it was. She was looking for a chibs.Ruby was a non le pet and not many stats on her .All day she watch the her topic and grew sad.cause no one would trade with one wanted RubyLee .She was a non le pet and who would trade a chibs for ruby .no one would.late afternoon.i pop into the forum and seen her i click on it .saw she was looking for a chibs .I check Ruby out.low stats and a non le .what the heck,i i ask her if wanted my chibs for her ruby .she brighten up and said yes .we made the trade. after all this years here.ruby has gone to be a le and a non le pet and gain many stats .she not leave this account .as the time come and goes.i have forgotten the chibs name and the players name. but to me .i got the best pet trade on mara .
RubyLee the White Eyru
14 years, 1 month & 28 days OldBorn 2nd Apr 2006 18:56

Pink Addimo
5 Days Old
Pink Doxen
5 Days Old
Yellow Kusil
11 Days Old
Pink Bolint
5 Days Old
Pink Bolisoro
5 Days Old
Level 15 Politician earning MP9,000MP a day

Snowman Magic Staff
Red Magic Powder
Golden Goose Axe
Red Magic Powder
Sword of the Dark Side