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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Please see Blog regarding any Trade Inquires.

No pets are for sale or trade.

Happy to swap any photos of my pets, I usually have extras stuffed in my attic so I likely have them at any point. Trades have swapable photos and plates as well!

Dhadgar the Pastel Fasoro
3 years, 1 month & 3 days OldBorn 8th Jun 2017 20:03

Magenta Fynx
2 Years 1 Month Old
Blue Popo
1 Month 23 Days Old
Level 5 Politician earning MP650MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP725MP a day
Health 30  Charisma 60  Language 60  History 30  Geography 30  Books 30  Stamina 10  Sociology 1  Law 2  Politics 2