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Everyone please check my info. ♥
25 azuls and counting. ♥

Please Read!
1. I am willing to lend pets.
2. Azuls are my favorite pets.
3. I log in from my phone and tablet occasionally.
4. I often send my friends and sister items.
5. My sister doodler93 and I live together and share the same IP. Please don't ban us.
6. Nothing in my gallery is for sale/trade/loan. Most of these items were gifts and can not be replaced.❤

About me: I'm 21 from America. My name is Brooke. I like baking, sleeping, coloring, eating, singing, doodling, and animals (especially sloths).

Tamikoa the Prison Azul
2 years, 5 months & 5 days OldBorn 24th Aug 2017 08:01