1. No random friend requests from people I don't know, sorry!
2. Not accepting club invites
3. Please no asking me to vote and/or buy stuff from your trades or shops.
4. Pets are not for trade under any circumstances
5. I'm a minor not an adult player.
6. I prefer MM to MT.

STAFF: I always use the same IP address. On some random occasions, I may be using a different IP address. I use my laptop at school.
reedsnoise the Coral Echlin
2 years & 23 days OldBorn 13th Nov 2017 05:33

Level 10 Policeman earning MP800MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP1,750MP a day
Level 30  Strength 40  Defence 80  Speed 55  Health 55  Charisma 17  Language 15  History 14  Sports 30  Books 40  Stamina 35  Sociology 12  Law 15 

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