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Marapets is mobile friendly
my pets are never up for trade...but always willing to lend if you need it for a goal #CC00CC

im an adult player who is here to have fun..everything is open except no club invites..willing to lend my pets if needed just ask...check out my trades...RIP Big Brother 1960-2020
Anderson17 the Plushie Grint
2 years & 19 days OldBorn 8th Jan 2018 23:48

Grey Fynx
1 Year 10 Months Old
1 Year Old
5 Months 0 Days Old
Level 5 Veterinarian earning MP285MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP360MP a day
Strength 20  Defence 8  Speed 8  Charisma 7  Language 6  Geography 8  Maths 20  Science 30  Sports 5  Books 15  Balance 5  Stamina 5  Coordination 5  Environmental Studies 2  Molecular Science 2 

Azul Shield
Staff of the Undying Fairy