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I'm Drea (Dray-uh)
My status can be misleading, I promise I don't purposely ignore mm/mt.


Complete Jubileee gourmet collection

Complete wardrobe

Everything Quell, Ideus, mustelid themed in gallery

Scout Basil because Oppossums = <3
SeaMink the Underwater Quell
5 years OldBorn 1st Jun 2018 17:08

Red Heart
4 Years 9 Months Old
White Coddle
4 Years 9 Months Old
Grey Coddle
4 Years 9 Months Old
4 Years 9 Months Old
Pink Devilray
1 Year 10 Months Old
Underwater Maestro
6 Months 16 Days Old
6 Months 20 Days Old
Pink Blooble
1 Year 7 Months Old
Level 1 Banker earning MP25MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP75MP a day
Defence 2  Charisma 2  Maths 2  CDs 2  DVDs 4  Books 4