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Happy Holidays!
there be snow in every yard!
Gimme plushies, ha ha ha! Just kind of kidding. I'd like to have a big, big collection of them at some point.

Also, collecting Trash Potato - any donations would be much appreciated, especially bulk. MM if you have bulk you want to get rid of.
FlareYozora the Snow Tantua
6 months, 29 days and 11 hours OldBorn 14th May 2019 19:20

Sawni NC
5 Months 28 Days Old
Lovebird NC
6 Months 17 Days Old
Jacko 11*
4 Months 19 Days Old
Orange Orville
4 Months 19 Days Old
White Kouki
6 Months 10 Days Old
Fynx 28*
7 Months 1 Day Old
Level 7 Policeman earning MP575MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP650MP a day
Level 15  Strength 20  Defence 50  Speed 40  Health 40  Charisma 11  Language 4  History 9  Sports 15  Books 25  Stamina 15  Sociology 6  Law 6 

Golem Shield
Heart Magic Staff
Bough Bow
Bough Bow
Osafo Dagger
Addow Ride Gun
Dukka Trove Fan