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1.My Pets Are Not For Trade.
2.Friend Requests Closed unless AF,Club Members or those I socialize with often.
3.In a Club at the moment so please no requests.
Finally Please Do Not Mail for the sole purpose of asking me for a Vote or to Buy From your Shop,Auctions or Trades.
It is simply Not going to Happen.
In Case you missed this on the Front Page. My pets are not for trade. So please do not ask. I have worked hard and have been fortunate enough to accumulate my collection of pets with the help of luck and also some very kind players. [br] [br]
[center] I am an Adult Player!! Have a Problem with that keep the opinion to yourself P.S. If I give you something please send a little Thank You I have a real pet peeve about that.[/center]

Disturbance the Earth Fairy Tantua
10 months, 4 days & 21 hrs OldBorn 27th Jul 2019 02:48

Digital Clover
4 Months 26 Days Old