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Pet goals: Killer chibs, vampire limax, nimbus limax, angel limax, underwater limax, fire limax, Fire Snookie, dragon quell, Gothic willa, Phantom snookie, dragon Ercuw, fat tantua, nightmare Decadal, bug chibs, voodoo troit, gothic nino, gingerbread vixen, nimbus lorius, party lorius, minipet lorius, Genie sindi, candy gobble, Candy Raulf, dragon Raulf, Bug Sindi, Arcade Raulf, Tundra eyru, minipet crindol, Galaxy Vlad and Minipet Vlad.

Pet goals I finished: Calico nino and thunder vlad. Hello!!!! I'm tastydragon (I know you can read)
I have a nickname (dragonfly) that you can call me if you want.

Here's some great life advice: BE WEIRD (or you know, be yourself)

I have many potions and enchanted plushies on my wishlist. Many are le and restricted pets, but I want people to know that I only care about the species of the potion, not the color. (except for Enchanted Gothic Willa Plushie, Enchanted angel kalaa plushie and Enchanted anime Raulf plushie.) for example, I have a Beige Willa Potion on my list, but I wouldn't care if I got a green one. I always keep my list updated.

I am willing to send/exchange/trade any of my pets for goals, as long as you send them back. mm or mt me the reason why and pet you want to me to send/exchange/trade. However, my pets LittleCreamPuff, Iye, and Frosbi are never for trade. ever.

I love music. I love all music, though my favorite genre is rock. I love Linkin Park (RIP Chester :() ThreeDaysGrace, The offspring, Imagine Dragons, Fallout Boy, Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Korn, Seether, Staind, Shinedown and Evanescence.

I LOVE ART AND ACTING! one of my biggest dreams in to be an actor.I am currently in Drama. I also love WRITING STORIES. I write dark and disturbing tales. ever want to start a conversation with me, go right ahead! I like random things ;)

9 Days Old
9 Days Old