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Marapets is mobile friendly

No, I do NOT accept random friend requests.
No, I do NOT want your balloons or junk lots. If you want an item from trades or gallery, GET A PC FIRST.
No, I NEVER trade pets.
No, I will NOT rate your gallery/pets/avatar collection/battle deck. What am I judging it against anyways? If you need someone to boost your ego and tout your accomplishments, look into the mirror and say I am a great person. Repeat 100 times or until satisfied. Works every time.
SneakyKangaroo the Prison Fasoro
11 months, 10 days & 17 hrs OldBorn 14th Nov 2020 13:28

Level 2 Chef earning MP85MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP135MP a day
Level 3  Health 3  Charisma 3  Art 3  Science 3  CDs 3  DVDs 3  Books 6