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I'm at work between 00:00 and 09:30 maratime Monday to Friday so if you message me and don't get a reply right away, that's why :)
I come on quickly during my breaks but I'm not around long.







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  • New vault code!

    Posted on : 10th Aug 2019 04:15   Posted by : ItsJake

    15th birthday party hits and either 15,000 / 100,015 or 15mill!

    I got 15k XD

    Spinestein Collection:// Kind Donators

    Posted on : 28th Jun 2019 13:02   Posted by : ItsJake
    These people donated Spinestein Minipet(s) to my collection Adore

    If you’re listed here and would rather not be, message me an I’ll take you down Okay

    Reason for collection can be found here:

    Almost a year later and I’m doing great Wide Grin


    A HUGE thank you to...

    My Real Nightmare:// Collecting 538 Spinesteins

    Posted on : 28th Jun 2019 12:27   Posted by : ItsJake
    Hi !

    I’ve decided to finally concentrate on a goal I set last year!

    I’m trying to collect 538 Spinestein Minipets...

    And here’s why! (Long story ahead!Wink
    Skip to the bottom of you don’t want the back story Okay
    On the 1st of February 2017 I started getting bad lower back pain (I’d just turned 21) and I tried to get a doctors appointment for months with no avail. I had doctors ring me back for them to tell me to take painkillers, then stronger painkillers and then even stronger painkillers, all the while, never actually SEEING me. They all said “It sounds like sciatica, should go in a few weeks”. The first time I actually saw a doctor was in October 2017 after sitting in A&E for 4.5 hours in complete agony.
    The pain was getting progressively worse over time.
    They signed me up for physio and overdosed me on meds Displeased
    Physio didn’t help at all, often it made the pain worse.

    I continued to complain to my doctors every week and they just weren’t interested at all. By the time it got to February 2018 (A whole year later!Wink I was no longer sleeping at night from the pain. I was getting 0-3 hours (in 20/30min bursts) every night and still going to work Monday-Friday. The pain was constant. From my lower back, all down my left leg and into my foot. All day, every day, no relief. And always worse at night.
    Not only that, I was now bent over forward just above the hip where I physically could not stand up any straighter from the agony.

    The doctors finally took some notice in March and in the April I was sent for a MRI. It came back inconclusive.
    By the middle/end of June I was beside myself with pain and lack of sleep.
    And it was then, when I told my mum I was going to kill myself because I couldn’t continue to live like that anymore because if I could look and live like I was and nobody in the medical profession cared after 16months, I was never going to get anywhere.
    She brought me straight down to our GP and got me an immediate appointment by saying what I said and it was only then when I was crying to the doctor that I just want to die that they took any notice.
    16 months of progressive pain and trying to get doctors notice.

    They sent me to a specialist 4 days later who did another MRI and I got the results a few days later at work... I had a tumour growing off my spinal cord and I needed emergency surgery.

    If they’d left me without surgery, I would have 100% ended up paralysed. If they’d slipped during the surgery, paralysed.
    I had to make a choice between more pain and definite paralysis or potential paralysis/permanent nerve damage (or death, standard surgery warning). I was in the mind frame of I can’t live with the pain and if I end up paralysed through surgery, at least I’m out of pain.
    On the 23rd of July 2018 I had my first ever surgery. They had to remove a bit of bone from one of my vertebrae to get access to the fluid filled sack surrounding my spinal cord. Then they cut that open and removed the tumour.
    It took 5.5 hours to do the surgery and then afterwards I had to lay flat for 4 days before I could sit up slightly on the 5th day. Trying to eat and drink flat is hard so I didn’t manage to keep much down. Days 6-9 was filled with physio learning to walk again. It surprised me just how quickly your muscles fade!
    And on day 10, I was finally discharged.

    The tumour has been sent off for testing in the meantime and I’m happy to say that it came back benign Wide Grin

    18 months after all this started my nightmare was finally over. I had no pain at all, I could stand up straight again and I could sleep!
    I still have constant tingling in my left leg but it’s only ever noticeable when I actively think about it Smile

    My surgeon was the first person to really take any notice and he gave me my life back. I cannot thank him enough. He came and saw me on the ward every day.
    Words simply can’t express my gratitude.
    At 22 years old and a cripple, he truly saved my life.

    Lol so after that LONG story... 538 Spinesteins!

    That’s how many days I spent in pain. 538.
    Feb 1st 2017 - July 23rd 2018.

    Spinestein - the tumour was in my spine and I have the username Stein! So it’s perfect!

    I currently have 55/538 Wide Grin

    Any donations would be hugely appreciated as I’ve a long way to go! But I’m also paying 30k each! Just let me know if you have any to sell!

    Thank you if you’ve read all of that, I definitely went off on one a bit! XD

    As great as everyone was in the hospital, I’ve done my stay and hopefully won’t have to do it ever again! Wide Grin

    Selling digital deca photos -1 in Mara

    Posted on : 19th Jun 2019 22:13   Posted by : ItsJake
    Currently the only person with a digital deca!
    Selling them for 250k each Smile

    I???m able to make 6 photos a day so post below if you would like one and I???ll add you to my list Okay

    Missing Easter eggs

    Posted on : 29th Apr 2019 22:55   Posted by : ItsJake

    Angel Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Azul Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Black and White Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Blue Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Bolimo Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Checkered Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Chibs Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Chocolate Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Circle Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Crindol Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Deviled Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Ercuw Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Glass Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Gold Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Gonk Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Grey Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Grint Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Hick Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Hippow Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Huthiq Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Ideus Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Jessup Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Jezebel Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Knutt Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Lati Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Leido Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Lela Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Lucky Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Lush Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Mordo Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Murfin Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Newth Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Oglue Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Orange Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Osafo Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Phanty Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Pingi Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Pink Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Poera Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Purple Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Quell Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Rainbow Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Red Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Reese Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Renat Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Rofling Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Scrooge Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Silver Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Sindi Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Square Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Striped Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Tantua Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Triangle Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Ush Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Ushunda Easter Egg
    Check Price

    White Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Yellow Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Zetlian Easter Egg
    Check Price

    Ziranek Easter Egg

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