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Marapets is mobile friendly
If I do not respond to your maratalk, I've likely missed the notification. If I don't respond within a day or two, please send me a mail. Thank you!

Online Status can be deceiving, I often leave myself logged in at home.
Willing to consider item trade on my trades. Mail to offer. The rating of the Instruments on my wishlist is the number Nikiti needs on that Instrument.

The only pet I have worth lending {unless you're looking for a costume} is Nikiti, and he's over 3mil in price. If you wanna borrow him, just send me a MM/MT. If there are any other pets you may be interested in borrowing, feel free to mail me.

Staff: I often log in from multiple places/family homes and TazLuvr is my mother and logs in from the same location as well as sending me things like photos and such. Please don't ban.

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