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Casey. 27. Addicted to Chibs. **I stay logged in all the time, if I don't respond within 15 minutes I'm probably offline**Click for more about me**Goals: Baby Raulf and all gift boxes
**Staff: I travel and take my laptop with me when I do. I also log in at work**
I am a bonus mom to 2 little girls (14 & 9) and I am married to their Dad, Joshua and together we also have a 1 year old girl♥. I have two dogs, Emery and Angela pictured below. On marapets, I love setting pet goals for myself and obtaining them. I also love helping others achieve their goals. Off marapets, I work as a Sales Executive. I also love makeup, singing, and playing my guitar :)
My gallery is for sale, just MM/MT me if you want something from there.
Player for 14 years, 2 months & 15 daysJoined 2nd May 2010 20:59
~Casey :)
Player for 14 years, 2 months & 15 days Joined 2nd May 2010 20:59

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