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Jessica, 27, USA. Untitled3-2.jpg
^ Quality siggie by Sephy (Irresistible)

I don't think anyone looks at this BUT if you do let me know and I promise I'll write whatever you want to know about me here.

I don’t accept random friend requests, but as long as I have a decent recognition of you (examples: chatting in MT or on a forum post), I’ll accept!

As requested:
Birthday: Jan 18
Likes: Video games, cats, musicals, math
Dislikes: people who are ignorant but act as if they are knowledgeable, spiders, criticism without advice
Hobbies: mostly just video games, sometimes reading
Goals: uuuh, probably won’t make too much sense but I need to get my PE license in two years and then potentially try for a job promotion.
Favorite music genre: Musicals and classic rock/pop (circa 60s-80s)
Favorite band: Queen
Player for 12 years, 4 months & 16 daysJoined 30th Nov 2011 16:20
Probably listening to a musical soundtrack or watching Rooster Teeth videos
Player for 12 years, 4 months & 16 days Joined 30th Nov 2011 16:20

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