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DREAM PET: Rofling of any colour <3 <3 **staff-I log in on my MacBook, iPhone and sometimes iPad! This is my only account! Thanks**

Born and raised in the big city but truly a country kid at heart :D

Name: Mac..
Age: If you wanna know, you can ask!
Born in: Canada
Favourite Sports Team: Ottawa Senators
Favourite Sport: Hockey/Baseball
Position in hockey: Goalie
Fun Activities or hobbies: Hockey, Snowboarding, Camping, Bonfires, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Traveling, Music and relaxing on my deck!!

I'm always up for talking, just MM me!

Player for 5 years, 4 months & 17 daysJoined 15th Nov 2014 15:49
Player for 5 years, 4 months & 17 days Joined 15th Nov 2014 15:49

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