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Hello there! Big Star Wars fan as you can tell by my pets. I mainly collect gourmets for Breizh but I also enjoy restocking and auctioning. Happy to chat anytime ^^

Note for staff in info ;)

You joined Marapets on August 16, 2018, 4:37 am

Next goals:
1mil RP
Anime Chibs
Any Deca
More SW named pets lol Welcome all! Just a heads up, I use multiple devices to play marapets. I also play at work and home :)

I still consider myself a new player so please bear with me, thank you!
Player for 5 years, 1 month & 17 daysJoined 15th Aug 2018 21:37
Player for 5 years, 1 month & 17 days Joined 15th Aug 2018 21:37

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