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Marapets is mobile friendly
Hi everyone! Friend Requests: open
Maratalk: open
Maramail: open
Club: Taken
Pet trades/Lend: I can lend you a pet, just maramail me first and hold on, wait patiently
And, I can help with answering scavenger hunt questions!

(FYI, I Love hip hop)

My online status might fib (lie). If i am not responding, that means i am not on a computer ok, if you really knew me, you know that I...: -Am nice
-are willing to help people who need help
-will follow site's rules as best as I can (sorry if I am being too bragging)
-and if you want to know more about me ask me, otherwise join my club if you want
Need For Goal Completion:
- Chocolate coloured pet costume
- Voodoo coloured pet costume
- Underwater coloured pet costume
- Snow Coloured pet costume
- Space Fairy Coloured pet costume

Pet lenting: Pet Lenders, I need to borrow:
Defective coloured pet
Rainbow Coloured pet

Player for 4 years, 6 months & 29 daysJoined 29th Aug 2018 13:19
Player for 4 years, 6 months & 29 days Joined 29th Aug 2018 13:19

michellequachkins12 has pets