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I swap photos, poop and plates and can lend some minipets for avatars. For details click here. :) Swapping Photos

I have spare photos in my trades or can make photos of any of my pets. View my blogs for photos that I'm missing.

Swapping Poop

Let me know if you're looking to swap for any. I currently have a lot of poop stashed away in my attic, I can compare with a list if you have one. I keep a list of poops I need in a blog.

Swapping Plates

I don't have a list of plates that I need, but I keep spares in my gallery or trades. I also have a lot of minipets that I can create plates for that I don't currently have any spares, let me know if you need one and we can arrange a swap. :) Will also swap for missing plates regardless of value.

Lending Avatars

I can lend: 25 to Life, Aristocorn, Baxter, Bouncer, Camelot, Candipeed, Cantoo, Caribow, Cerberus, Cirroc, Cubby, Dandylion, Dapple, Dapurtle, Deeko, Devilray, Dumdo, Elf, Embers, Fang, Forte, Fritzi, Future, Gleam, Hammy, Hethe, Jacked, Kaburi, Krampling, Leaflit, Leafy, Lightbug, Lindsey, Lolzbra, Lucy, Maft, Minifoot, Minti, Moofle, Naga, Nyuchan, Obsolete, Partridge, Plap, Quiln, Ryan, Salvus, Sassy, Shnuggle, Shyee, Slig, Smartdo, Snixie, Snowy, Spootli, Succubus, Sue, Tefty, Toadle Eclipse, Toff, Toki, Topplin, Toxic, Tropeck, USB, Weep
Player for 2 years, 3 months & 22 daysJoined 3rd Jul 2019 03:50
Player for 2 years, 3 months & 22 days Joined 3rd Jul 2019 03:50

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