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There are 10 different Jenoa Scratchcards to win - the rarer the card, the higher the prize! You can scratch any Jenoa Scratchcard in your Inventory here at any time. Scratch the whole card and if you match 3 of the same set of prizes, you will win that prize. You will also earn 1 Score Point for each Scratchcard you buy. The rarer the Scratchcard that you scratch, the bigger the prizes you can win! The Mega Jackpot is added to, and can be won from, Dukka Town and Jenoa Scratchcards.

You can buy Scratchcards from Jenoa for MP2,500MP once every 2 hours. Here is the Scratchcards List.

Prize List
Match 3 of these symbols on a Scratchcard to win
Mega Jackpot
Dukka Coin
Gym Stat
Fake Dukka
Bonus Item
Enchanted Plushie
School Stat

Which Scratchcard would you like to scratch?

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